Professor T launches on More 4 (courtesy of Walter Presents) on Friday 18th August at 9pm.  Belgium’s most neurotic and endearing detective: PROFESSOR T. This gripping crime thriller will air for the first time in the UK. The show’s namesake and central character is a prodigal criminologist at Antwerp University who has inspired scores of students with his punchy teaching techniques. However, outside the lecture theatre he is haunted by a plethora of neuroses that hold him back from getting close to people – he quite literally protects himself from the outside world in a shroud of anti-bac spray and latex gloves. When Annelies, a former student who is now a detective at the Antwerp Homicide department, stumbles across a case she just can’t crack she turns to PROFESSOR T knowing there is no higher authority on criminal behaviour than him. Despite initially resisting the opportunity to break from the comfortable seclusion of his daily life, PROFESSOR T joins forces with Annelies and her team and proves to be an invaluable asset, solving case after case. The fragility of his mental wellbeing, however, becomes increasingly apparent – can he solve their most important case in the face of his wavering health? PROFESSOR T sports an all-star German cast including Koen De Bouw, Ella Leyers, Herwig IIegems, Bart Hollanders, Tanja Oostvogels, Goelde Derick and Carry Goossens. The show was awarded the Jury’s Special Prize for Foreign Fiction at the prestigious Festival de la Fiction TV, La Rochelle. The series will air every Friday on More4 from 18th August .

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