Launching on All 4 on Friday 4th August 2017, DEAD BEAUTIFUL is Walter Presents’ new Parisian crime offering made up of nine self-concluding episodes: each one brimming with expertly plotted twists, gasps, butterflies and cold-blooded murder. Martin, Police Commissioner of the esteemed Paris police, is a compassionate and attentive investigator who is completely dedicated to solving some of the most shocking crimes against women. That is, when he is not caught up in the complex web of women in his personal life. A pregnant daughter, an ex-wife who is soon-to-be-wed yet still on the scene, a lover/colleague and a serious girlfriend make for a colourful cocktail of drama and distraction. DEAD BEAUTIFUL opens with the chilling case of a merciless serial killer who carefully selects his victims from the lonely-hearts pages of a local advertiser, according to a highly specific description: light eyes, chestnut hair. Employing an archaic method of killing so obscure it has only been seen once before in an unsolved case from 20 years previously, this killer baffles and captivates throughout the winding trajectory which is peppered with heart-arresting moments of fear and surges of adrenaline. Based a successful series of books by Alexis Lecave, who is also the screenwriter, DEAD BEAUTIFUL has won several awards including two at the prestigious Festival de la Fiction TV, La Rochelle in 2015: Best Up and Coming Male Actor for Baptiste Cosson and Best Screenplay for Alexis Lecave and Camille Bordes-Resnais.

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