The William Wisting novel When It Grows Dark is a kind of prequel to the other titles in the series. The story is set over 30 years ago, a time when Wisting was a young patrolling policeman, his daughter Line is in the baby carriage and his wife, Ingrid, is still alive. As Jorn says:

‘It’s always exciting when a new book is on the way out to the readers. “When it grows dark” is different than the rest of the series.

Through the ten previous books Wisting has developed and changed in step with society. He has seen the growing insecurity and how crime has become rougher and more professionalized. As the world around him has become darker, Wisting has become increasingly disillusioned. I have in many ways written him into a darkness and had therefore been wanting to go back and find out how it started and how he really was, before crime trend accelerated in the negative direction. What I found out when I wrote was that Wisting is the same then as now. Patient and understanding, and with the same driving force; namely the eternal belief to succeed. It has always been greater than the fear of failure. It has made Wisting a fearless policeman.’

The William Wisting novel When It Grows Dark by Jorn Lier Horst is published by Sandstone Press

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