Arcadia is to reissue two celebrated crime novels by Marc Behm. In The Eye of the Beholder, private detective ‘The Eye’ watches Joanna Eris, whose wealthy husbands are following a worrying pattern of turning up dead. He’s been hired to investigate her, but in pursuing her across the United States finds his motives giving way to a dangerous obsession. This male pursuing female dynamic is turned on its head in Afraid to Death, as Joe Egan flees from a mysterious blonde woman who appears whenever someone close to him dies. As he runs, his fear of and fascination with her only intensify. These twin novels are striking and disturbing tales of obsession and suspense which have recently been out of print, but now will be available once more. Eye of the Beholder has been turned into both French and English films, most recently starring Ewan McGregor. ‘An astonishing novel that is unlike anything you have ever read. One of the great lost novels of the last century.’ The New York Times; A terrific American novelist…Afraid to Death is a fascinating mirror image to Eye of the Beholder’ The Guardian

Marc Behm, WWII soldier turned screenwriter, was born in New Jersey in 1925 and later moved to France, where he still has a huge following. He wrote seven novels before his death in 2007.

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