A new book by Maxim Jakubowski is always something of an event, whatever genre he chooses to venture into (and over the years he has been prodigal in his choices of genre). The Louisiana Republic might be said to be something of a genre splice with New York a very different place after a mysterious global upheaval known as ‘The Dark’. Jakubowski’s protagonist here has become a detective after working as a researcher, and is hired to find the missing daughter of a local gangster. No easy task in a city where the natural order has violently broken down. In Brit Noir I wrote of the author: ‘When you enjoy the soubriquet ‘King of the Erotic Thriller’ (as veteran writer, editor and publisher Maxim Jakubowski does), you have a certain reputation to live up to. Such books as I Was Waiting For You demonstrated that Jakubowski could lay an inarguable claim to that title with the kind of confrontational writing that marked out earlier books as Confessions of a Romantic Pornographer, and which had Ken Bruen comparing Jakubowski to both Anais Nin and Raymond Chandler’. The new book has a variety of entertainingly bizarre elements, and the whole has a phantasmagorical quality that keeps the reader mesmerised. If the jacket note for the novel has a mystifyingly incoherent quality, the book itself doesn’t, and it has been well worth the wait since Jakubowski’s last literary outing.


The Louisiana Republic by Maxim Jakubowski is published by Caffeine Nights


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