Titan’s welcome series of Sherlock Holmes pastiches continues with one of the very best modern practitioners of the art, James Lovegrove. Several attempts to take up the pen of Arthur Conan Doyle have been, frankly, uninspiring — but Lovegrove has repeatedly proved that he is a writer of real authority and one worthy of taking the reader back to the dangerous streets of Victorian London in the company of the Great Detective. In The Labyrinth of Death, Holmes’s new client is a High Court judge whose rebellious daughter has vanished without trace. Holmes and Watson are to find out that the missing woman, the strong-minded Hannah Woolfson, was herself searching for a missing person, her friend Sophia. The latter has fallen in the clutches of a religious sect called the Elysians who are obsessed with ancient Greek myths and rituals. What follows is a typically atmospheric (and richly written) entry in Lovegrove’s reanimation of Holmesian motifs with pertinent echoes of modern day religious cults. It is another winner in Titan’s admirable series.

The Labyrinth of Death by James Lovegrove is published by Titan

ISBN: 9781785653377

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