The Crime Book is published by DK on 3 April. With a foreword by international bestselling thriller writer Peter James. This compelling, illustrated guide to the history of crime and criminology takes readers on a tour down the dark alleys of history to examine most infamous crimes the world has seen, and the means, motives, and opportunities exploited by more than 100 of the world’s most notorious criminals.

From the back roads of Victorian London, where Jack the Ripper once stalked his prey, to the streets of New York and Los Angeles and the realm of organised crime syndicates and gangland shootings, The Crime Book mean ders through the centuries and across the globe to investigate the activities of history’s most audacious rogues and desperados.

Divided into eight felonious chapters – including con artists, white-collar criminals, serial killers, and political plotters – The Crime Book introduces readers to the characters operating at the fringes of society, taking an in-depth look at the science and psychology of criminal behavior, and revealing how the big ideas and concepts in criminology – such as fingerprints, DNA evidence, and psychological profiling – have changed the way investigators combat crime.

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