Crime fiction is all about location – where the victim was found, where the police go to investigate and where the trail of discovery leads them to… Now,without wanting to sound morbid, have you ever wanted to visit these fictional crime scenes for real? See where Ann Cleeves buries her victims or where The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo might be loitering? Welcome to TheBooktrail, a Literary Travel Agency which takes you to see your favourite books in a whole new light. See the city and crime scene as if the author was your personal guide more chillingly see the setting through the eyes of the killer…

Choose a destination: “Cheddar Gorge, Tel Aviv, Colombia..”

Take Daisy in Chains, the new novel by Sharon Bolton. Set partly in the beautiful Cheddar Gorge, let’s not forget that this is Sharon Bolton’s Cheddar Gorge and that it’s these caves and underground passages where it’s suspected Hamish has left his victims. Still, interesting to visit from a literary point of view!

Further afield…

What kind of crimes happen abroad? What about in places such as Colombia or Tel Aviv? Crime happens all over the world but the nature of it, the setting and cultural nuances differ widely and a jaunt across the water to a exotic location can show just how paradise can look very dark indeed.

Chose your author/guide: “Mark Billingham”

You think you know the city of London? Ever been to London with Mark Billingham as your guide? He evokes a London big on detail, darkness and the shady characters which inhabit the city. In The Dying Hours for example, there’s more than a flying visit to the Lewisham police station to meet Tom Thorne. There’s a visit to Deptford High Street, Tulse Hill, well Mark Billingham shows you the dark underbelly of the city…

Choose your setting : “In a dark, dark house…”

Want to read about a crime in the woods, in a house, even in the city’s underground tunnels? Then The Booktrail allows you to search via the city’s underbelly in its various guises so you can really narrow your search and find some very creepy places to travel to within your reading horizons.

Scandi Noir…

Let’s not forget the popularity of Scandinavian crime fiction. Iceland is a dark and chilling setting for the Ragnar J√≥nasson books, Stockholm might look pretty in real life, but not when you’re in the hands of Stieg Larsson. And Norway with Jo Nesbo? He’s a guide you will never forget, particularly if it’s snowing…

Last but by no means least, the Crime Connoisseur himself, Mr Barry Forshaw has his Crime Anthologies on the booktrail too. Collections of crime from all over the world. Crime themed Package Tours you might say.

So step inside the Booktrail Literary Travel Agency and see the underbelly of a destination through the eyes of the crime writer themselves…not to mention their killer characters…We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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