Given the veritable avalanche of Sherlockiana — stories and novels about the Great Detective penned by other writers than Arthur Conan Doyle — something special is required these days to distinguish a new entry with ‘Sherlock’ in the title from the throngs of predecessors. And it’s hardly a surprise that such a book arrives from Editor Emeritus Nick Rennison; the first wrinkle here is that Holmes is nowhere to be seen – these are detectives investigating the supernatural. Rennison is not just an accomplished novelist in his own right, but is also a specialist in writers of earlier eras, as this beguiling collection proves. Containing such well-known writers as Rudyard Kipling (whose celebrated The Mark of the Beast gets an outing here) and William Hope Hodgson, there are also several names that will be unfamiliar to most readers, and the serendipity of the choices is one of the things that makes this such a cherishable volume.

Supernatural Sherlocks ( Nick Rennison, editor) is published by No Exit Press



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