Paul Ryan would have served in the PARAs until he was too old to fall out the aircraft if his father hadn’t been murdered … and if the coroner hadn’t judged it as suicide. But that’s what made Ryan go feral.With this premise, Ryan begins the next chapter of his life, ‘The Risk Taker’ (ISBN 978-1-909425-01-9).

Needing cash and time to find a killer who doesn’t exist, resourceful Ryan finds employment with a cash-in-transit outfit, heists one of their wagons, then looks for revenge in London’s East End.

Being a robber, Ryan attracts criminals who smell easy money in robbing a robber. But it could work for Ryan if there is a link to the killer. The Robbery Squad’s investigation seems less odious when led by attractive DI Karen Brown, girlfriend of Ryan, who he met in his financial services work. But business is business.

Compromised, Ryan takes on a quasi-MI5 role in ‘The Separatist’ which finds him involved in the search for the Home Secretary, abducted by a European crime organisation with terrorist tendencies.

Meanwhile an East End gang leader wants to nail Ryan to the floor for stealing two million pounds from him. But Ryan has a debt to collect from him.

Changes in the gang’s hierarchy in ‘The Other Side’, find Ryan’s thirst for revenge contagious when caught up in an East End feud that threatens to spill onto London’s streets.

While a terrorist group want to avenge their leader’s execution. Ryan is in the frame and also the Home Secretary. Events make Ryan believe the Minister will be assassinated within six days, but no-one knows where the terrorists are.

Maybe Ryan will find them … but it could cost him his life.

All three titles available on kindle amazon.

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