While PS Publishing is well-known for its science fiction, fantasy and horror lists, those in the know are well aware that there is an impressive crime strand to the company’s output. Matt Hughes’ One More Kill is a taut and accomplished piece of work, with a trained killer at the centre of the narrative. Put out to pasture by the army, Hughes’ protagonist encounters a rogue doctor and facilitates a new interest: killing those he feels have done him harm. This is thriller writing of skill; the text may be unnuanced, but it gets the job done – essentially, ensuring that the reader turns the pages very quickly. Rough Trade is a book that manages to straddle two of PS Publishing’s areas of interest; crime and science fiction. Robert Silverberg, of course, is one of the great SF writers, but these particular stories written for the WW Scott crime fiction magazine in the 1950s shows a whole new side to Silverberg – one with which most people will be unfamiliar, edgy stories of crime and murder that demonstrate Silverberg could have had just as impressive a career in the crime field before he was tempted by the cosmic.


One More Kill by Matt Hughes & Rough Trade by Robert Silverberg are published by PS Publishing


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