Crime fiction readers and conspiracy theorists alike just love to see the bad in people, especially those angelic creatures who seem whiter than white. Their curiosity makes evil connections. They mistrust what they are being told. They speculate about the true motivations of characters who are seemingly full of good intentions. And as the proverb says, the road to hell is paved with those good intentions. Evil will always try to find a way of derailing the best laid plans and gouging out the misery, pain and suffering.

So here’s the question – what is the link between a young Chinese philanthropist trying his best to eradicate world poverty; a scientific breakthrough of Einstein proportions that will change our world forever; the Hindu Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity; the intricate charity connections within the Swiss banking community and the brutal death of an innocent victim? A Litany of Good Intentions is that link. It takes us from Sweden to India to New York to London and many points in between. Although set in the present day, the story leads us back to the darkest periods in our history and reveals secret criminal worlds we know still exist yet feel powerless to stop. If you thought you knew all the ways to kill a human being, Litany will take you to new places and further darken your vivid imagination. A Litany of Good Intentions is an unashamedly old-fashioned, page turning crime thriller, building to a finale that I hope will leave you excited, exhausted and just a little bit uncomfortable.

A Litany of Good Intentions by Andrew Harris will be published 12th October by Faithful Hound.


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