Book number two of my Oslo Mystery series is perhaps a bit different from the first book, Loner, which deals mainly with murder and the surrounding circumstances. In the second one I explore sex work in Oslo and the people involved in the industry.

Writers, in my opinion, have the great power to be able to do some good in this world. We can show sides to matters that people might not be discussing or thinking about on a general basis. This subject is one of those issues that often gets forgotten and most people would like to sweep under the rug, never to be spoken of again.

In Norway, the industry is mainly made up of people that don’t have another choice. They are mostly women, who come from countries such as Nigeria and Russia that can’t get a work permit but don’t want to go back home, which results in them dipping their little toe into this field and before they know it, that becomes their profession.

Although this highly political subject is the main focus of my next book, there’s of course still going to be murder. I intertwine a murder mystery with my hero’s attempt to help a sex worker he happens upon while walking the streets of Oslo in the night. On top of that there’ll be humor at the appropriate places. I’ve always found that no matter how bleak the subject, there’s always room for some smiles.

Both of my books are fast paced, keeping the reader glued to the pages from the very first chapter. For me, that’s important, I want my reader to long for more, to not want to go to sleep because the cliffhanger at the end of last chapter was just too consuming.

I’ve often heard that writing your second book is the hardest. I’m not sure I feel that it is. When a subject captivates me, I must write. Otherwise it will be nagging at me day and night and the story will be unfolding in my head while I clean, take the bus, shower etc. The only way to calm the screaming book spirits is to write the book, so I do. My problem is often writing too many books at the same time instead of having problems writing one.

I am extremely grateful to be treading into the wonderful world of crime writing. What I have found is, that no matter how big or famous people become, they still treat you with respect. That’s a quality you don’t find often and I appreciate it. I have made numerous wonderful friends throughout this process and that, in my opinion, has been the best thing about writing in this genre.

Loner by Hildur Sif Thorarensen is publshed by Antonov

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