The Hanged Man begins with the discovery of the remains of seven missing women in the grounds of an isolated Welsh farm. DS Ray Mason, the man who made the discovery, is certain he knows who the killers are. The problem is he has no proof to back his suspicions up, and these are powerful men he’s dealing with, who have the ruthlessness and resources to stay one step ahead of the law.

But for Ray, this case is personal. He made a promise to the parents of one of the victims that he will not rest until justice is done.

Now seconded to the National Crime Agency, he has only one lead. An accountant with links both to the farm, and the suspected killers, has gone on the run in fear of his life, and Ray knows if he can locate him, he will get the evidence he needs to convict the killers. Teaming up with private detective Tina Boyd, he’s now on a race against time to find the accountant before they do.

But what Ray doesn’t know is there’s also a contract on his head and more than one person happy to take it. Soon the hunter is becoming the hunted and, as his life spirals out of control, and Tina, the woman he loves, also becomes a target, he’s left with a stark choice: kill or be killed.

The Hanged Man by Simon Kernick is published by Cornerstone

The Hanged Man is the follow-up to The Bone Field . Although this is the first time that Simon has written a series each book also works on its own, a bit like the TV programme ‘Line of Duty’ where there is an one overarching storyline that threads through but also each book has its own plot and characters. The Hanged Man brings back DI Ray Mason and PI Tina Boyd as they search for answers after the remains of seven women are found in the fields near a farmhouse in Wales. This is a powerful thriller which doesn’t let up on the pace or intrigue and is every bit as good as The Bone Field (which was a Sunday Times bestseller).






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