Former hostage Peter Moore spent almost a 1000 days in captivity in Iraq.  He was taken with four British military men, and tragically, Peter was the only person to survive.  THE FREEDOM BROKER was inspired by Peter’s heroism in the face of intense adversity.  I’ve spent the last four years immersed in the world of kidnap and ransom to create this series so I can bring authenticity and verisimilitude to the books.  I hope readers will be entertained and educated—it never hurts to have travel safety information stored in the back of your mind. As for my kick-butt lead female character, the world has Jason Bourne, James Bond, and other male literary action heroes.  Isn’t it time for a little estrogen?  Thea Paris is an elite kidnap negotiator who travels to the globe’s hot zones to bring hostages back home to their families.   She’s strong, smart, tactical, but she also has type 1 diabetes and a personal connection with kidnapping.  She represents a new generation of protagonists who are highly competent but also very human.  Women are expanding their roles in all parts of modern society, and fiction needs to reflect this if it is to be honest and relevant.

K.J. Howe is the author of The Freedom Broker, out now in paperback (Headline, £8.99)


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