Dark, raw and twisted. When I set out to write the DCI Claire Winters series, starting with For All Our Sins, that’s what I wanted to achieve. I’m naturally drawn to the grittier side of the crime thriller genre so I naturally fell into writing that type of book.

With For All Our Sins I wanted something that took the reader outside of their comfort zone and I hope I’ve achieved that by exploring some of the darker aspects of people who are often held in high regard by the wider community.

Let’s also not forget the antagonists themselves: why do people choose to do evil things? Can we, even in the smallest measure, feel a sense of sympathy for them?

None of us is perfect and I never intended DCI Claire Winters to be so either. She’s very ‘human’. Beneath her icy exterior she’s fiercely loyal, and can be the rock her friends and colleagues need when things get tough. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to cross her. Ultimately, I hope she’ll build a readership that will be brave enough to join her in her murky world.

I started writing full time in 2008 after I was made redundant from a thankless job. Eight years on from then and I realise it was the best thing to have happened. It was the push I needed. After a few near-misses and dabbling in self-publishing, I was offered a two-book contract with Carina UK, an imprint of HarperCollins, in 2015. They took a chance on the new series when I submitted the second book, The Principle of Evil. With another three DCI Winters books under contract, it serves as a reminder to write the book YOU want to write, grow a thick skin in the face of rejection and never give up.

For All Ours Sins by TME Walsh (Carina, £7.99)

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