Where to set a new crime series – how about beautiful Nice, on the French Riviera? Doesn’t sound like a nest of vipers? Well, to Police Captain Paul Darac of the Brigade Criminelle it most certainly is. Asked – no, told – to investigate the apparently accidental death of a naked old lady in a hot tub he finds Nice’s vipers in an incredibly complex tangle. Practically everyone in this story has a secret to hide: art crime, sex crime, theft and misdemeanour and, of course, murder most foul. Or murder most devious. (Darac’s only misdemeanour, incidentally, is to be a part-time jazz guitarist.)

Peter Morfoot knows his Nice while being British, and Fatal Music is the second in his Captain Darac series – although given what happens to the poor cop in the closing pages it may be a moot question whether he wants, or is able, to face more of this French venom.

Fatal Music

Peter Morfoot

Titan Books paperback, £7.99, 978-1-7832-9667-5

Russell James

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