Not Quite Elementary

Despite the success of the brilliant BBC series Sherlock, which projects the super sleuth into the 21st century, I believe there is still an appetite among fans of the Great Detective to read about him in his original Doylean milieu – the Victorian age. And that’s how he features in my latest saga The Ripper Legacy – and while I have always aimed to be true to the spirit and nature of the original characters of Holmes and Watson, I have also attempted to add extra ingredients in order to surprise and please the modern reader.

The spirit of Sherlock Holmes runs through my veins, having written numerous articles about the character, seven novels, a couple of non-fiction volumes, two stage plays and three works on the screen Holmes, including Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and Starring Sherlock Holmes (Titan). I have also given dramatic presentations about the fabulous sleuth and his creator. (I shall be at the Edinburgh Fringe this year). Because of this CV, I am often regarded as a Holmes know-it-all. I would never claim to be that, but I would say that the true Doylean Holmes can be found in my fiction. Certainly this is the case with my new novel, which not only has a challenging mystery for Holmes to unravel, but there is also real suspense and excitement as the plot unfolds.

The story takes place some eight years after the Jack the Ripper murders but has a dark and dangerous connection with them. Initially Holmes is involved in what appears to be a tragic domestic crime: a young boy has been kidnapped and Holmes is engaged to find him. However it soon becomes clear there is a sinister link to the highest echelons of Victorian society and to the Whitechapel murders. As the mystery darkens, the controlling mastermind behind the scenes soon determines to eliminate Holmes and Watson. I believe there are enough twists and unexpected turns to keep the reader engrossed until the last page.

Sherlock Holmes & The Ripper Legacy

Titan Book

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