DARK CRIMES, Alexandras Avranos, director/Signature Entertainment  A radical (too radical?) change of pace for the comic actor Jim Carrey, bearded and virtually unrecognisable in this gritty new crime drama, bringing to life a broken and well-weathered detective desperate to fan the last passionate ember that remains before his self-destruction. A much-subdued Carrey is up against the distinctive (and joli-laide) Charlotte Gainsbourg (best known for such sexually graphic fare as Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac) and the compelling Marton Csokas. The dourness here may be too much for many — Dark Crimes is unflinching in its depiction of the criminal world that lies behind closed doors. Scenes of depraved torture at times mimic those of horror films, yet in others, carry the grace of macabre art installations. Michal Englert’s cinematography perfectly captures an Eastern Europe numbed and oppressed by a parasitic criminality, where the absence of bright colour is the absence of hope.


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