Articles contributed by Barry Forshaw

Crime in Soho with Fiona Barton, Renée Knight & Lesley Kara

The Year’s Best Crime Fiction in The Financial Times: The Urtext

The Conviction of Cora Burns by Carolyn Kirby: standout for 2019

Salander Returns in 2019

Danger in the Outback: New Blu-Rays

The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Homes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Emceeing the Daggers, Joel Grey-style

Paris in the Dark by Robert Olen Butler

Bait, Grist & Security by Mike Hodges

New Crime & Thriller DVDs & Blu-rays

The Daughter of Time & Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey/Folio Society

The Piranhas by Roberto Saviano (translated by Antony Shugaar)

New Crime Blu-rays

Written in Blood returns

Finn, Nesbo, Redondo, Reid and Slimani shortlisted for 2018 Icepick Award


Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

DARK CRIMES, Alexandras Avranos, director

One More Kill by Matt Hughes & Rough Trade by Robert Silverberg

The Bridge: Complete Season IV & The Bridge I-IV DVD & Blu-ray, various directors/Arrow TV

Midnight Movie Monographs

Underworld USA and other new Crime Blu-rays

The Boy at the Door by Alex Dahl

What’s Your Poison Returns

New from PS: Walking with Ghosts by Brian James Freeman

The Films of William Castle Murray Leeder, editor

Compulsory Games by Robert Aickman

The Louisiana Republic by Maxim Jakubowski

New Crime Blu-rays & DVDs

Crime Time Roundup

Classic Crime from the Folio Society

Crime and Thriller shortlists for the The British Book Awards 2018 announced

TOWN ON TRIAL, John Guillermin, director/Powerhouse Indicator Blu-Ray

Thriller Roundup: Barry Forshaw in The Guardian

Partners in Crime for Derby

Savages: The Wedding by Sabri Louatah (trans. Gavin Bowd)

The Wanderer in Unknown Realms by John Connolly

New Blu-rays from Powerhouse/Indicator, Arrow, Sony, Eureka

Guardian Thrillers: This Is How It Ends by Eva Dolan; Damned Serious Business by Gerald Seymour; Fear by Dirk Kurbjuweit; The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn; and If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch

Best Crime of the Year for the Phil Williams Show

Days of Smoke by Woody Haut

New Blu-Rays & DVDs from Powerhouse, Sony, etc.

Best Crime of 2017 in the Financial Times

Crime Time Roundup

Crime Time Roundup

FOUR FILM NOIR CLASSICS and other new Blu-Rays

Treason: James Jackson talks to Crime Time

Highbridge by Phil Redmond

Supernatural Sherlocks Nick Rennison, editor

Two from Titan

American Gothic: Six Decades of Classic Horror Cinema by Jonathan Rigby

Slugfest by Reed Tucker

New DVDs: Dicte, Sleepless, Valkyrien, Visiting Hours

Shoestring: The Complete Series on DVD

Killer Women Scoop: Crime Writer to Reveal Secret Identity at “Killer Weekend”

Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon: The Collected Reviews

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me by Maura McHugh

Crime Time Roundup

ReFocus: The Films of Delmer Daves, Matthew Carter & Andrew Patrick Nelson, eds

Covering Pascal Garnier & Anthony Horowitz in the Financial Times

Guardian Thriller Roundup

Crime Time Roundup

New Crime Discs – Public Enemy, Stormy Monday, etc.

The Latest from the Murder Squad

The Pinocchio Brief – Abi Silver talks to Crime Time

Paperbacks from Hell by Grady Hendrix

The Story Of Classic Crime In 100 Books By Martin Edwards

Dagger In The Library 2017 Winner Announced

The Labyrinth Of Death By James Lovegrove

Love Like Blood By Mark Billingham

New Resource For Crime Writers – The Puppet Show

Spotlight On A Murderer, The Legacy, Touchez Pas Au Grisbi

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang By Mike Ripley

Naked City S1 & 2, Dead Or Alive Trilogy, Follow The Money, Etc. Various Directors

Criminal Meetings – Leonardo Padura And Simon Beckett

Crime Time Roundup

Modesty Blaise – Children Of Lucifer By Peter O’ Donnell & Enric Badia Romero

New Dvds & Blu-rays – The Team, Hell Drivers, Jack The Ripper

Anno Dracula 1895 – Seven Days In Mayhem#1 By Kim Newman & Paul Mccaffrey

The Little Gift By Stephen Volk

The Art Of Distraction

The Art Of Reginald Heade By Stephen James Walker

Scandinavian Crime Fiction By Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen

Death Games By Chris Simms

The Comic Book Film Adaptation By Liam Burke

Braquo, The Missing & Other New Crime Dvds

Top Crime Of 2016 in The Financial Times

Blu-Ray Crime From Soho To L. A.

The Two O’clock Boy By Mark Hill

Maigret And The Tall Woman By Georges Simenon (trans. David Watson)

The New Extremism In Cinema – From France To Europe Tanya Horeck And Tina Kendall, Editors & Contemporary British Horror Cinema – Industry, Genre And Society By Johnny Walker

Peter O’ Donnell & Enric Badia Romero Modesty Blaise – The Murder Frame

Deep Down Dead By Steph Broadribb

Deep Water By Christine Poulson

Angels Of Music By Kim Newman

Italian Horror Cinema Stefanio Baschiera & Russ Hunter, Editors

The Outlaws & Poison Pen – New Crime Discs

Latest Crime Book Roundup

Richard Hughes’ Forbidden Worlds

New Blu-rays – Cry Of The City & The Border Various Directors

The Legend Of Hereward By Mike Ripley

Associates Of Sherlock Holmes George Mann, Editor

An Unreliable Guide To London

New DVds And Blu-Rays From Arrow, Eureka And Network

The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes – The Ripper Legacy David Stuart Davies

New DVDs & Blu-rays From BFI, Arrow, Eureka, Screenbound

Crisis – Frank Gardner Talks To Crime Time

Babylon Berlin – Volker Kutscher Talks To Crime Time

My Husband’s Wife – Jane Corry Talks To Crime Time

Woman Of The Dead – Bernhard Aichner Talks To Crime Time

Clinch – Martin Holmén Talks To Crime Time

Blood Torment – T. F. Muir Talks To Crime Time

Little Sister – David Hewson Talks To Crime Time

New Mark Billingham Standalone

Follow The Money And Other New Crime Blu-rays

Death Zones – Simon Pasternak Talks To Crime Time

An Evening With The Mexican Novelist Elmer Mendoza

The Loving Husband Christobel Kent; The Ashes Of London Andrew Taylor

Breaking Dead – Corrie Jackson Talks To Crime Time

D. W. Bradbridge On The Daniel Cheswis Series

Marcel Berlins In The Times On Brit Noir By Barry Forshaw

Into Everywhere Paul Mcauley

I Heard The Mermaids Singing – David Coubrough Talks To Crime Time

Death Walks Twice, Trapped, Occupied & Other Crime Dvds And Blu-rays

Crime Time Roundup – Crime From Yorkshire To Kabul

Hard Cold Winter – Glen Erik Hamilton Talks To Crime Time

Sarah Ward Reviews Brit Noir In Crimepieces

Blood City – Douglas Skelton Talks To Crime Time

In Her Wake Amanda Jennings

Publication Day For Brit Noir

A Dying Breed – Peter Hanington Talks To Crime Time

Apache Country Frederick H. Christian

Edgar Allan Poe And The London Monster – Karen Lee Street Talks To Crime Time

Fire Damage – Kate Medina On A Change Of Direction

Crime Fiction In German – Der Krimi Katharina Hall

Dodgers – Bill Beverly Talks To Crime Time

She Died Young Elizabeth Wilson, The Accidental Agent Andrew Rosenheim

Sinister Houses – Jorn Lier Horst Talks Book Jackets

In The Cold Dark Ground Stuart Macbride

Found In The Street, A Game For The Living, A Dog’s Ransom. etc. Patricia Highsmith

After You Die by Eva Dolan, The Woman Who Ran By Sam Baker

Without Trace Simon Booker

The Narrow Bed Sophie Hannah; Palace Of Treason Jason Matthews

Irene Pierre Lemaitre (translated By Frank Wynne)

A Midsummer’s Equation Keigo Higashino

British Crime, Italian Mayhem – New From Network, Screenbound,etc.

Beloved Poison E S Thomson Talks To Crime Time

Journey To Death – Leigh Russell Talks To Crime Time

A Siege Of Bitterns – Steve Burrows Talks To Crime Time

Shot Through The Heart – Isabelle Grey Talks To Crime Time

Crime & Thriller Roundup

Kill Me Again – Rachel Abbott Talks To Crime Time

Changing The Odds – Jeff Dowson Talks To Crime Time

Missing, Presumed – Susie Steiner Talks To Crime Time

The Ex – Alafair Burke Talks To Crime Time

Hitchcock & Christie On Tv, Plus Italian Crime

Without Trace – Simon Booker Talks To Crime Time

New Men V. Mavericks – Eva Dolan Talks To Crime Time

Forbidden Worlds Vol. 10 Richard Hughes, Editor

Manchette’s Fatale~ Cabanes & Headline; Ripper Jax ~O’Donnell & Romero

Maigret And Me – John Banville Aka Benjamin Black Talks To Crime Time

The Cruelty Of Morning – Hilary Bonner Talks To Crime Time

Unknown Unknowns – L C Tyler Talks To Crime Time

The Bridge Season 3, Director, Henrik Georgsson

Midnight Sun By Jo Nesbo, Translated By Neil Smith

Cracked – Barbara Leslie Talks To Crime Time

New Paperbacks From Joseph Finder, David Mark & Michael Ridpath

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes – Orlando Pearson Talks To Crime Time

Apothecary As Medieval Detective – Indrek Hargla Talks To Crime Time

Holmes To 007, Via Josephine Tey – November Roundup

Robbery, Beck, 80,000 Suspects, The Killing, Holding On

Playing With Fire By Tess Gerritsen & She Who Was No More By Boileau-narcejac

Dust And Desire – Conrad Williams Talks To Crime Time

Dark Corners Ruth Rendell

Mark Timlin’s November Crime Book Round Up

Preminger & Dassin Film Noir, Plus Beck Season One

Bloodstream Luca Veste, Medusa Torkil Damhaug

Noir And Horror – New Film Books From Mcfarland

A Cold Death In Amsterdam – Anja De Jager Talks To Crime Time

Journey Under The Midnight Sun Keigo Higashino

One Step To Danger – John Gubert Talks To Crime Time

The Frightened Man, The Second Woman, The Bohemian Girl Kenneth Cameron

Mark Timlin’s October Crime Book Round Up

Forbidden Worlds, Volume 9 Richard Hughes, Editor

Romanzo Criminale Giancarlo De Cataldo, The Dark Inside Rod Reynolds

Lost Souls – Seth Patrick Talks To Crime Time

Midwinter Of The Spirit – Stephen Volk Talks To Crime Time

Sewing The Shadows Together – Alison Taylor Baillie

The Watchers – Neil Spring Talks To Crime Time

Solomon Creed Author Simon Toyne Talks To Crime Time

Witnesses – Marie Dompnier Talks To Crime Time

Heartbreaker – Tania Carver (aka Martyn Waites) Talks To Crime Time

Crime Time Roundup September 2015

The Dark Inside – Rod Reynolds Talks To Crime Time

Pursuing An Impossible Space – F. H. Batacan Talks To Crimetime

The House Of Wolfe – Interviewing James Carlos Blake

The House Of Wolfe, James Carlos Blake & A Game For All The Family, Sophie Hannah

The Girl In The Spider’s Web David Lagercrantz

Crime On DVD & Blu-ray From Network, Simply Media, Eureka & Second Sight

The Devil’s Daughters – Diana Bretherick Talks To Crime Time

All The Old Knives Olen Steinhauer

Tom Adams Uncovered – The Art Of Agatha Christie And Beyond

Acorn Issues New Christie Series

Foreign Crime Roundup

The Domino Killer Neil White

Angel In The House & Angels And Others Mike Ripley

New Blu-rays from Eureka, Arrow & Odeon

City Of Good Death – Chris Lloyd Talks To Crime Time

Brush Back Sara Paretsky

Who Can You Trust? Mary Kubica Talks To Crime Time

The Jump – Doug Johnstone Talks To Crime Time

In A Dark, Dark Wood Ruth Ware

What Remains – Tim Weaver Talks To Crime Time

A Devil Under The Skin – Anya Lipska Talks To Crime Time

The Long Siesta By Nick Sweet

In Bitter Chill Sarah Ward

Crime Time Exclusive – A New Watson Story From Robert Ryan

Dark Branches – New Nik Frobenius From Sandstone Press

Summer Crime In The F.T.

New Blu-rays & Dvds From Eureka, Odeon & Arrow

The Spider In The Corner Of The Room – Nikki Owen Talks To Crime Time

Thoughts On Thrillers – Manda Scott Talks To Crime Time

Mike Nicol On Power Play

Those We Left Behind – Stuart Neville Talks To Crime Time

Craig Sisterson On Hot Crime Writing In A Cold Land

Manila Harbour – Martin Granger Talks To Crime Time

We Shall Inherit The Wind, Gunnar Staalesen & The Wrong Girl, Laura Wilson

Stranger Child – Rachel Abbott On The Process Of Murder

The Silent Ones – Ali Knight Talks To Crime Time

Manila Harbour & Oceans On Fire Martin Granger

Hotel Arcadia Sunny Singh

Peter O’donnell & Enric Badia Romero Modesty Blaise – The Killing Distance

Killing Lessons – Saul Black

Ian Parkinson On The Beginning Of The End

Killing Bobbi – Cal Moriarty Talks To Crime Time

The Killing Of Bobbi Lomax, By Cal Moriarty, Black Run, By Antonio Manzini

Christopher Hirst In The Independent On Sex And Film by Barry Forshaw

Blood And Black Lace, Hostages

Much-acclaimed Marshland From Alberto Rodriguez

The Golden Age Of Murder Martin Edwards

Heads Or Hearts Paul Johnston

Tartan Noir Len Wanner

The Man From Berlin – Luke McCallin Talks To Crime Time

The Axe Falls – Iain Finlayson On A Dread Phone Call

The Infidel Stain M. J. Carter, No Other Darkness Sarah Hilary

Thomas Mogford On Sleeping Dogs

Back To The Spy Business – Andreas Norman Talks To Crime Time

Lesley Thomson On The Detective’s Secret

Crime Roundup – Translated Crime In The Independent

Deadly Election – Lindsey Davis On Changing Protagonists

Orkney Twilight – Clare Carson Talks To Crime Time

Summerchill – The New Quentin Bates

The Damned Andrew Pyper

Dominic Milne’s Eddie Kane Trilogy

Prey – James Carol Talks To Crimetime

Red Icon – Sam Eastland On Inspector Pekkala

New Reissues From Ostara

Sherlock Holmes Meets The Manchurian Candidate

Forbidden Worlds Volumes 7 & 8 Richard Hughes, Editor

No Name Lane By Howard Linskey; The Burning Man By Christopher Fowler

The Whitstable Pearl Mystery – Julie Wassmer Talks To Crime Time

Becky Masterman On Fear The Dark

Margery Allingham’s Mr Campion’s Fox Mike Ripley

Mayhem In Huddersfield – David Stuart Davies

The Caveman Jorn Lier Horst

Norwegian Noir – Jorn Lier Horst Talks To Crime Time

The Kind Worth Killing – Peter Swanson Talks To Crime Time

Send In The Clowns – The Yo Yo Life Of Ian Hendry Gabriel Hershman

Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing, Killer’s Kiss Etc.

An Untamed State Roxane Gay

The Year Of Living Danishly Helen Russell

Doctor Gavrilov Maggie Hamand

The Final Minute – Simon Kernick Talks To Crime Time

Runaway Peter May

The Hot Country Robert Olen Butler

Loser’s Corner Antonin Varenne, Translated By Frank Wynne

Helsinki Noir James Thompson, Editor

The Luca Zingaretti Collection And The Naked City

Dial Up For Murder – Clem Chambers

Leytonstone Stephen Volk

The Real World Of Sherlock B. J. Rahn

Tangier – City Of The Dream Iain Finlayson

Peter James – Number Thirteen

New Ambler Bio, John Martin’s Crime Scene, British Library Reissues

New Crime DVDs & Blu-rays

Sci-fi Days Of Fear And Wonder James Bell, Editor

Bodies In The Bookshop L. C. Tyler & Ayo Onatade, Editors

The Informant – Susan Wilkins Talks To Crime Time

Full Measure – T. Jefferson Parker Talks To Crime Time

The Burning Mind M. G. Gardiner

I Hate Nihilism! James Ellroy Interviewed In The Independent By Barry Forshaw

Flesh And Blood Patricia Cornwell

The Mad And The Bad – Graham Hurley Talks To Crime Time

Callan Uncovered James Mitchell

James Bond And Modesty Blaise – Stripped For Action

A Cruel Necessity – Lc Tyler On A Well Reem Periwig

Dark Tides Chris Ewan

Tony Schumacher On The Darkest Hour

Brute Force, Le Jour Se Leve, Youth Of The Beast, Etc.

It Wasn’t All Downton Abbey – Crime Time talks to B.K. Duncan

Serial Killing – B.K. Duncan On One Writer’s Path To Enlightenment

Tania, Joe And Me – Martyn Waites, The Man Behind Tania Carver

Crime Time Stalwart Woody Haut Publishes Cry For A Nickel, Die for a Dime

Crimes Of Passion Various Directors, Arrow

The Sherlock Holmes Companion Daniel Smith

Perfidia James Ellroy

The Meating Room – T.F. Muir Talks To Crime Time

A Possibility Of Violence – D. A. Mishani Talks To Crime Time

Nyctophobia Christopher Fowler

Barbara Nadel On Poisoned Ground

Andrew Williams On The Period Thriller

The One You Trust – Paul Pilkington Talks To Crime Time

Horror Stories – Classic Tales From Hoffman To Hodgson Darryl Jones, Editor

New Crime Blu-rays from Arrow And Eureka

No Safe House – Linwood Barclay Talks To Crime Time

Cold Hand In Mine And Other Collections Robert Aickman

The Newly Discovered Diaries Of Doctor Kristal Russell James

White Crocodile – K. T. Medina On The Inspiration Behind Her Debut

Blindsided – Liz Evans Talks To Crime Time

See You Tomorrow – Tore Renberg Talks To Crime Time

Erin Kelly Talks Broadchurch

Writing That Tricky Second Book – P.d. Viner Talks To Crime Time

Swedish Crime Fiction – The Making Of Nordic Noir Kerstin Bergman

Cimino And Clint; More Braquo

Move Over Nordic Noir – The Irish Are Coming

All Day And A Night – Alafair Burke Talks To Crime Time

Writing Sicilian Shadows – Frank Scannella

Adam Bromley Talks Unknown Unknowns

The Frozen Shroud – Martin Edwards Talks To Crime Time

The Three Lies – Crime Time Learns The Truth About A.D. Garrett

Raoul Walsh – The Adventures Of Hollywood’s Legendary Director Marilyn Ann Moss

Forty Acres – Dwayne Alexander Smith Talks

The Wide World Trilogy – Robert Goddard Talks To Crime Time

Invisible Christine Poulson

The Ripster For What’s Your Poison?

Bernard Minier On French Noir

The Keeper Of Lost Causes Mikkel Nørgaard, Director

Marcel Berlins In The Times On Euro Noir

New From McFarland – Hammer Films’ Psychological Thrillers 1950 – 1972; It Came From 1957; Janet Leigh – A Biography

The House That Jack Built Jakob Melander, Translated By Paul Russell Garrett

The Ways Of The Dead – Neely Tucker Talks To Crime Time

Mr Mercedes Stephen King

The Century Of The Crime – Robert Wilton

From Mata Hari And Edward Snowden, With Love

The Bone Seeker – MJ Mcgrath Talks To Crime Time

Modesty Blaise – The Young Mistress Peter O’Donnell & Enric Badia Romero

Violent Saturday, Inspector De Luca And Vintage Clint

Invisible – Christine Poulson

Craig Robertson On Murder In The Faroes

If I Should Die – Matthew Frank

The Convenience Of Lies

True Detective – Jorn Lier Horst

Suzette Hill On The Venetian Venture

The Death Of Lucy Kyte – Nicola Upson Talks Tey

Carol Anne Davis On Her Seventh Novel Near Death Experience

Land Of Shadows Rachel Howzell Hall Talks To Crime Time

The Bones Beneath – Mark Billingham On The New Tom Thorne

Helen Giltrow – The Distance

Collaborating With Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins

The Birth Of Eeny Meeny – Mj Arlidge Talks To Crime Time

The Voices – F.r. Tallis On The Novel As Inadvertent Self-disclosure

The Whitehall Mandarin – Edward Wilson Talks To Crime Time

Mark Dewar On Checkmate

The Fifth Season – Mons Kallentoft Talks To Crime Time

Cold Steal Quentin Bates

Doug Johnstone On The Dead Beat

After The Silence – Jake Woodhouse On Characters Unleashed

Gordon Ferris On Gallowglass, Finale To The Douglas Brodie Series

The Dead Ground – Claire McGowan On Her Third Novel

Death In Romania – Bogdan Hrib Talks To Quentin Bates

Robert B Parker’s Wonderland Ace Atkins

Leo Kanaris – Writing Codename Xenophon

Oliver Harris – Deep Shelter

Les Diaboliques (The Fiends) Henri-Georges Clouzot, Director, Arrow Blu-ray

The New Case-book Of Sherlock Holmes – Martin Edwards Talks To Crime Time

Hollow Mountain – Thomas Mogford Talks To Crime Time

The Spy With 29 Names – Jason Webster Talks To Crime Time

Guns Of Darkness Anthony Asquith, Director, Network Releasing

A Lovely Way To Burn Louise Welsh

Driving The Action – T.S. Learner Talks To Crime Time

Chris Ewan On Dead Line

Leigh Russell On Tour – Virtually! – Leigh Russell on Libraries

Swedish Crime Fiction – Novel, Film Television Steven Peacock

You Should Have Known – Jean Hanff Korelitz Talks About That Genre Thing…

Margery Allingham’s Mr Campion’s Farewell Mike Ripley

THE SECOND DEADLY SIN Åsa Larsson, translated by Laurie Thompson

A Song For The Dying Stuart Macbride

The Accident – Chris Pavone On The Thrills Of Book Publishing

The Black-eyed Blonde Benjamin Black

Flavia De Luce And Nordic Noir – Alan Bradley Talks To Crime Time

No Company Allowed – Jerry Raine Talks

Wake In Fright, Salamander And Siegel On Blu-ray

The Bird That Did Not Sing – Alex Gray Talks To Crime Time

Crazy Name, Crazy Genesis – Robert Richardson On Augustus Maltravers

Scoring Borgen – Halfdan E On His Challenges

Treachery – Sj Parris Talks To Crime Time

Treachery – S.J. Parris Talks To Crime Time

The One That (almost) Got Away – James Carol Talks To Crime Time

Fine Dining With Barry Forshaw

Sorrow Bound – David Mark Talks To Crime Time

The Eve Of Murder – James Whitworth

Tom Bale On The Catch

The Darke Chronicles – David Stuart Davies Talks To Crime Time

Classe Tous Risques, Consider All Risks Claude Sautet, Director

The Girl With A Clock For A Heart – Peter Swanson Talks To Crime Time

Cut Dead Mark Sennen

Psycho-Mania! ed by Stephen Jones &; Magic Words – The Extraordinary Life Of Alan Moore by Lance Parkin

A Cruel Fate – Lindsey Davis Talks Quick Reads

John Altman On The Art Of The Devil

Hunting Shadows – Charles Todd Talks To Crime Time

Keeping The Mythic Distance – Sarah Hilary Talks To Crime Time

Manhattan ’62 – Reggie Nadelson Talks To Crime Time

The Dark Palace – R N Morris On His New Novel

Entry Island Peter May

Victim, Survivor, Detective – Koethi Zan

My Simenon Dinner – N.J Cooper

A Song For The Dying – Stuart Macbride Talks To Crime Time

Someone Else’s Skin Sarah Hilary

God And Publishers – Nick Stone Talks To Crime Time

Running Girl Simon Mason

How Did This Fictional Detective Spend New Year’s Eve?

Entry Island – Peter May Talks To Crime Time

The Scandal Of Father Brown G.K. Chesterton

Snatched – A Christmas Short Story From Chris Collett, Featuring Detective Inspector Tom Mariner

Then We Take Berlin – John Lawton Talks To Crime Time

Others Of My Kind James Sallis

Dead Set – Will Carver Talks To Crime Time

Crimewave 12 Andy Cox, Editor

The Shadow Tracer – Going Underground With M.G. Gardiner

Bricks And Mortar – Ann Granger Talks To Crime Time

GF Newman On Dark Heart / Possession

Young Montalbano, Van Veeteren, Gaslight, Anno 1790

Dying To Know – Alison Joseph Talks To Crime Time

The Rising Tide – Patrick Easter On Waterlogged Death

The Abomination – Jonathan Holt Talks To Crime Time

Sycamore Row John Grisham

Down Among The Dead Men – Ed Chatterton Talks To Crime Time

Mick Herron On Writing Dead Lions

The Spies Luis Fernando Verissimo

The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 24 Stephen Jones, Editor

Just One Evil Act Elizabeth George

Russell James Steps Outside The Genre

How To Win Power And Lose Everything Richard Fernandez

Thérèse Raquin Emile Zola

The Garden Of Burning Sand – Corban Addison Talks

T.D. Griggs On The End Of Winter

The Killing From Screen To Page – David Hewson

Hitchcock And The Making Of Marnie Tony Lee Moral

Police Jo Nesbo

Paris Requiem Lisa Appignanesi

Sleepwalker, M.i.t., Simon Killer, The Flaw, Witness In The Dark, Deranged

Johnny Alucard Kim Newman

Plus ça Change – Chris Nickson’s Fair And Tender Ladies

The Red Road Denise Mina

Christina James on her DI Yates crime novels

Tell No Lies Gregg Hurwitz

The Black Life Paul Johnston

Barbara Nadel on ‘An Act Of Kindness’

The Cruellest Game – Hilary Bonner On Her New Novel

Valberg – A Sort Of Swede In Ireland – Desmond Doherty

The Book That Made Me – Barry Forshaw

Cold Hearts Gunnar Staalesen, Translated By Don Bartlett

The Asylum John Harwood

The Case Of The Missing Rightsholder Sarah Weinman

Sense Of Place In The Darkening Hour – Penny Hancock Talks To Crime Time

Hunting Shadows – Sheila Bugler

Sherlock Holmes – The Stuff Of Nightmares James Lovegrove

Dead Woman Walking Jessica Mann

Ostara Publishes Ian Morson’s Falconer And Rain Of Blood

A Song From Dead Lips – William Shaw Talks To Crime Time

The Devil’s Sanctuary – Marie Hermanson Talks To Crime Time

Philosophies Of Crime Fiction Josef Hoffmann

The Never List – Koethi Zan Talks To Crime Time

Everyone Remembers Lee Child – CWA Chair Alison Joseph On A Popular Winner

The Long Road To Bedlam – Stephen Gallagher

State Affairs, The Place Beyond The Pines Etc.

Paul Johnston On The Black Life – How Much Noir Can You Take?

The Riot – Laura Wilson Talks To Crime Time

Raymond Chandler in BBC Conversation with Ian Fleming

Holy Orders Benjamin Black

Jim Kelly Talks To Crime Time

Susan Moody On A Final Reckoning

Two Soldiers Roslund & Hellström

Unlikely Graves – Rodney Hobson

Valentina Giambanco on The Gift Of Darkness

The Sleep Room – F R Tallis On Changing His Name And Genres

Carver’s Quest Nick Rennison

The String Diaries – Stephen Lloyd Jones Talks To Crime Time

Hammond Innes – Vintage Classics

Reviver – Seth Patrick Talks To Crime Time

Death Be Not Proud – Cf Dunn On Hating Pigeon-holes

Miss Marple Novels Collection Agatha Christie

Graham Bishop’s Commissaire Pierre Rousseau Series

Nick Rennison On Victorian Crime

Susanna Gregory On The Lost Abbot

The Paris Winter Imogen Robertson

Martin Edwards On Prizes, Crimefest And The Frozen Shroud

Tom Harper Vs. Dan Brown

Is Death’s Disciple James Whitworth’s First Novel — Or His Twentieth?

On Reaching 100 – Paul Doherty Talks To Crime Time

Stephen Booth On The New Cooper & Fry Novel – Already Dead

Free And 99p Crime & Thriller Offers From Endeavour Press

Victimless Crime – Antal Kovacs

Bloody Angels – John Llewellyn Probert Talks To Crime Time

Whose Iceland Is It Anyway? Michael Ridpath

Free thriller offers from Endeavour Press

Brothers In Blood – David Stuart Davies

International Crime Month in the USA

Free Crime & Thriller Book Offer From Endeavour Press

Richard Creasey And Joe Bright Talk To Crime Time

Crime Time Round-up – Liza Marklund, Michael Ridpath, Stephen King, Lotte & Søren Hammer, Quentin Bates, Benjamin Tammuz, Elizabeth Silver

Natural Causes – James Oswald Talks To Crime Time

Fay Sampson – The Extra Dimension

A Delicate Truth John Le Carré

Van Veeteren, The Murderer Lives At 21, Arne Dahl

A Man Without Breath by Philip Kerr

Taking The Reins – New CWA Director Alison Joseph Talks To Crime Time

My Criminal World Henry Sutton

Sandro Ferri On Jean-claude Izzo

Sign Of The Cross – Thomas Mogford Talks To Crime Time

Mark Billingham On The New Thorne – The Dying Hours

Chilled To The Bone – Quentin Bates

My Criminal World – Henry Sutton

Alexander Soderberg Talks To Crime Time

Pilgrim Soul – Gordon Ferris Talks To Crime Time

Uncut Baise Moi, The Protectors & A Directors Cut Blood Simple

The Best Laid Plans – Wiley Cash

The Killing Pool – Kevin Sampson Talks To Crime Time

Accidents Happen – Louise Millar

The Tower – Simon Toyne On A Tale Of Two Trilogies

The Healer Antti Tuomainen

Mike Ripley On Janet Neel – A Tale Of Two Angels

A Taste For Blood – David Stuart Davies

The Ottoman Motel – Christopher Currie Talks To Crime Time

Nordic Noir – The Pocket Essential Guide To Scandinavian Crime Fiction, Film & TV by Barry Forshaw

The Burning Air Erin Kelly

Devil’s Advocates – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre/James Rose & Saw/Benjamin Poole

The Murder Mile – Paul Collicut

Below The Thunder – Robin Duvall Talks To Crime Time

British Crime Film Panel – Barry Forshaw, Mike Hodges And Peter Guttridge (chair)

The Scent Of Death – Andrew Taylor Talks To Crime Time About His New Novel

Ghostman Roger Hobbs

The Crime Fiction Handbook Peter Messent

Studying The Bourne Ultimatum Neil Archer

Varg Veum – Cold Hearts Trond Esper Seim, Director

The Girl In The Iron Mask Peter O’Donnell & Enric Badia Romero

Embarrassing Secrets – Leigh Russell

Victorian Crime – Joan Lock’s Dead Born

Forbidden Worlds Volume 2; Witches Tales Volume 2 Peter Crowther, Editor

The Lost – Claire McGowan Talks To Crime Time

Double Confession Ken Annakin, Director/Renown

Think Of The Children – Kerry Wilkinson Talks To Crime Time

The Scent Of Death Andrew Taylor

Robert Davidson On More Cold Climate Mayhem

Overkill – Sam Smith On Hit And Run

The Casebook Of Bryant And May by Christopher Fowler & Keith Page

Dead Money – Rodney Hobson on His New Novel

The Killing 2 – David Hewson Talks To Crime Time

False Trail, Unit One, Rene Clement

Ann Cleeves On Dead Water

The Prophet Michael Koryta

Capital Punishment – Robert Wilson On His New Novel

Seduction Of The Innocent Max Allan Collins

Creole Belle by James Lee Burke

Duelling With Danger – Emelyne Godfrey Talks To Crime Time

My Father John Creasey – Richard Creasey

The Next Big Thing – Ten Questions In Ten Minutes

Nowhere To Go Seth Holt, Director/studiocanal

NYPD Blue Seasons 5 & 6 And The Night Visitor

Killing The Emperors – Ruth Dudley Edwards

Young Philby by Robert Littell

7 Days Deon Meyer

The Gingerbread House Carin Gerhardsen

Paul Johnston – To Hell And Beyond (maybe) – Writing The Green Lady

Blood Month – Matthew McAllister (aka Iain Finlayson) Talks To Madame Arcati

Nightrise – Jim Kelly Talks To Crime Time

Modesty Blaise – Lady In The Dark Peter O’Donnell, Enric Badia Romero

The Venetian Affair Helen MacInnes

I Remember You Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, Translated By Philip Roughton

Controversies – Straw Dogs By Stevie Simkin/A Clockwork Orange By Peter Kramer

Quentin Bates Talks To Crime Time

100 American Crime Writers Steven Powell, Editor

The Boy In The Snow MJ McGrath

Ill Manors Director Ben Drew / Revolver Blu-ray

The Mark, The Sweeney, Hell Is A City, The Third Secret

British Film Noir, Seven Thunders Various Directors

Clem Chambers On the First Horseman

The Shadow Girls Henning Mankell

The Murder Quadrille – Fidelis Morgan

Say You’re Sorry – Michael Robotham

Chamber Of Chills Volume 2 Peter Crowther, Editor

Killer Move – Michael Marshall Talks To Crime Time

Slaughter’s Hound by Declan Burke

The Outsiders Gerald Seymour

Meeting Mankell

The Assault / The Chairman

Black Cat Mystery Volume 1 Christopher Fowler, Foreword

Shadow Of The Rock – Thomas Mogford Talks To Crime Time

John Macrae – The Vengeance Man

Bryant & May And The Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler

Every Vow You Break – Julia Crouch Talks To Crime Time

Alison Joseph – From Nuns To Air Crashes

Margaret Carlton – From Enclosing Jaws

Crime Author Leigh Russell Takes The North By Storm

Around Harrogate With Stav Sherez

How To Write Your Own Nordic Thriller

Vanished – Tim Weaver On Raker, Research And Riding The Underground…

Held Up – Christopher Radmann Talks To Crime Time

Sleepwalkers – Tom Grieves

Adventures Into The Unknown Volume 2 Out Of The Night Volume 1 Richard Hughes, Editor

Removal by Peter Murphy

Richard Ronald – Cell Motivation And Packaging Personality

Baptism – Max Kinnings On Thriller Scenarios

Weirdo Cathi Unsworth

Criminal – Karin Slaughter Talks To Barry Forshaw

Venice Noir Maxim Jakubowski, Editor

Death Bed By Leigh Russell

The Black Path By Åsa Larsson, Translated By Marlaine Delargy

The Crime Readers’ Association – Second Readings

The Queen Of Spy Writers Is Back

A Brain Itch – A Short Story By Tarquin Hall

N J Cooper – Writing In The 21st Century

The Thing Itself Peter Guttridge

Holmes To Braquo – New Crime Dvds And Blu-rays

A Sci-Fi Swarm And Horror Horde – Interviews With 62 Filmmakers Tom Weaver

Until The Darkness Comes – Kevin Brooks Talks To Crime Time

The Thing Itself – Peter Guttridge Talks To Crime Time

Unsworth News – Cathi Unsworth Talks To Crime Time

Sidney Chambers And The Shadow Of Death by James Runcie

Tuesday’s Gone By Nicci French

A Shot Of Faraday — And Other Things — From Graham Hurley

A Dark And Broken Heart RJ Ellory

XO by Jeffery Deaver

Dead Man’s Land – Robert Ryan

Jon Jefferson Talks To Crime Time

The Dead Season Christobel Kent

A Willing Victim – Laura Wilson Talks To Crime Time

The Good Father Noah Hawley

Body Blow – Peter Cocks Talks To Crime Time

Defending Jacob by William Landay

Martin O’Brien on The Dying Minutes

Perverse Titillation Danny Shipka

New Turf – John Lawton Talks To Barry Forshaw

Nils Nordberg On Nordic Noir, Circa 2005

The Scandicrime Trans-Europe Express

The Expo Files, By Stieg Larsson

The Flight M. R. Hall

Dreda Say Mitchell – Teaching A Crime Writing Course

Pantheon By Sam Bourne

Phantom by Jo Nesbo – translated By Don Bartlett

Border Run – Simon Lewis Talks To Crime Time

Or The Bull Kills You – Jason Webster Talks To Crime Time

The Dragon Tattoo And Its Long Tail – The New Wave Of European Crime Fiction In America David Geherin

Brian Freeman On Spilled Blood And Lady Gaga

Pulling No Punches – Howard Linskey On The Drop

Modesty Blaise – Live Bait Peter O’Donnell & Enric Badia Romero

The Greatcoat Helen Dunmore

Dead Scared – SJ Bolton Talks To Crime Time

Crime Thriller Novels Course Teaching Staff Announced

Easy Money Jens Lapidus

Helene Tursten’s Detective Inspector Huss

Making The Switch – Joan Lock Talks To Crime Time

A Pound Of Flesh – Alex Gray Talks To Crime Time

Tomb Of Terror/Chamber Of Chills/Witches Tales (Harvey Horrors) Peter Crowther, Publisher

Gods Of Gotham – Lyndsay Faye Talks To Crime Time

Italian Noir – Michael Gregorio

Martin Edwards On Death In A Cold Climate

The British Library Publishes The First Detective Novel… The Notting Hill Mystery

Stav Sherez Writes

Obsession And Self-destruction – Steven Dunne On Deity

Sam Bourne On Pantheon

Crime Pays

Anno Dracula The Bloody Red Baron Kim Newman

The Pictorial Guide To British 1950s Sci-fi & Horror Comic Books Mike Morley, Compiler

Generating Suspense – Nancy Bilyeau On The Crown

Stockholm Noir – Jens Lapidus talks To Barry Forshaw

Up To Date With Declan Burke

Good Bait by John Harvey

Up To Date With Jerry Raine

Graham Hurley – Faraday, Rip

Mons Kallentoft In The Financial Times On Barry Forshaw’s Death In A Cold Climate

The Fall Claire McGowan

Cold Remains – Sally Spedding

Adventures Into The Unknown, Forbidden Worlds, Collected, Vol 1 Peter Crowther, Publisher

Dave Zeltserman

Mark Edwards – Catch Your Death

David Dickinson – Reviving Mycroft Holmes

Making Stuff Up With Stuart MacBride

Vengeance In Mind – Up To Date With NJ Cooper

12 Days Of Kindle – Crime, Thrillers & Mystery – The Winners & Losers

John Harvey On Good Bait

Tom Harper Talks To Crime Time


Cold Crime With Ridpath

The Hammer Vault Marcus Hearn

Key Concepts In Crime Fiction Heather Worthington

Italian Crime Fiction Giuliana Pieri

Robert Ryan Talks To Crime Time

Up To Date With Andrew Martin

Undertow Desmond Cory & Cold War David Brierley

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo David Fincher, Director

A Happy Christmas From Andrew Taylor

Sophie Hannah – Why Psychological Thrillers Are Good For You

Perfect People By Peter James

Not So Impossible – Ian Rankin Talks To Jim Napier

Loving History – Linda Stratmann On The Poisonous Seed

A Serpent Uncoiled – Simon Spurrier Talks To Crime Time

Nigel McCrery On Boxfiction

Dead Reckoning – Who Is Ad Garrett?

Box Nine – Jack O’Connell’s New One

Heroic Villains – Simon Kernick On The Payback

The House Of Silk Anthony Horowitz

Modesty Blaise – Million Dollar Game Peter O’Donnell, Enrique Romero

Cell 8 Roslund & Hellstrom

Hard Case Crime – Faust, Collins, Spillane

Claire McGowan – Keeping Crime Writers In Line

A Book Of Horrors & The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror Stephen Jones, Editor

Moriarty – The Hound Of The D’urbervilles Kim Newman

Swedish Book Review 2011 – 2 Sarah Death, Editor

Let The Right One In Anne Billson

Oxford Ransom – Veronica Stallwood

Sherlock Holmes – The Breath Of God Guy Adams

Icelight – Aly Monroe Talks To Crime Time

Lest You Suffer Nightmares – A Biography Of Herbert Van Thal Johnny Mains

The Secrets Man – John Dean

Headhunters Jo Nesbo

The Deadly Touch Of The Tigress – Ian Hamilton

Gregg Olsen – Writing Young Adult (for The First Time)

Empire Of Crime Tim Newark

The Things We Cherished Pam Jenoff

The Bloody Meadow William Ryan

Meet Ruth Rendell And Pd James At An Exclusive Reception In Aid Of Rnib

Sequence – Adrian Dawson

Kill the Irishman – The War that Crippled the Mafia – Rick Perello

Taking Over The Reins – Felix Francis Talks To Crime Time

88 Killer – Oliver Stark Talks To Crime Time

The Whispering Gallery Mark Sanderson

A Deniable Death Gerald Seymour

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy John Le Carré

Dust Devils – Roger Smith Talks To Crime Time

Viva La Madness – J.J. Connolly Talks To Crime Time

Our Hero Superman On Earth Tom De Haven

New Directory Of World Cinema – Italy Appears

The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes – The Peerless Peer & The Star Of India Philip José Farmer & Carole Buggé

The Protean Robert Ryan

Wink Murder – Ali Knight

Writing Spartan – Matthew Dunn

House Of The Hanged Mark Mills

Death In Slow Motion/the Double Agent Peter O’donnell/neville Colvin

Fallen – Karin Slaughter Talks To Crime Time

Brighton Rock Rowan Joffe, Director

Chicago Shiver Terry Holland

Mark Sanderson – The Whispering Gallery

Not A Number – Patrick Mcgoohan – A Life Rupert Booth

The Killer Is Dying – James Sallis Talks To Crime Time

Andrew Pepper – The Genesis Of Bloody Winter

Martin Edwards – The Hanging Wood

Craig Robertson On Snapshot

The Wreckage – Michael Robotham Talks To Crime Time

James Becker On The Nosferatu Scroll

World’s Greatest Stuntman Vic Armstrong

What’s In A Name? Nj Cooper Talks To Crime Time

Matt Rees On Mozart’s Last Aria

John Hart On Iron House

Live Wire Harlan Coben

The Film Music Of James Horner Nic Raine

Silas Quinn – A New Character For R.n. Morris.

Wendy Robertson – An Englishwoman In France

A Book Of Blues Courttia Newland

Big Machine – Victor LaValle Talks Sex, Death And Religion

Big Machine Victor LaValle

Girl 4 – Will Carver Talks To Crime Time

The Fifth Witness Michael Connelly

Tom Wood On The Hunter

Challenging Stereotypes – Esmahan Aykol Talks To Bob Cornwell

The Hollow Man – Oliver Harris Talks To Crime Time

Aylett Stuff

The Setup – Felix Riley

The Watermen Patrick Easter

The Emperor’s Tomb – Steve Berry Talks To Crime Time

Kissing The Demons – Kate Ellis

An Agent Of Deceit – Chris Morgan Jones Talks To Crime Time

Cleansing Flames – R.n. Morris Talks To Crime Time

Dead End – Leigh Russell Talks To Crime Time

Plugged – Eoin Colfer On His First Adult Novel

Clem Chambers On Kusanagi

Six Red Herrings Mike Stotter

Swedish Book Review 2011 – 1 Sarah Death, Ed.

The Seed Of An Idea – Simon Toyne On Sanctus

Dead End Leigh Russell

Italian Noir On Youtube

Mike Nicol On Killer Country And Payback

Guilt By Association – Marcia Clark Talks To Crime Time

The Troubled Man Henning Mankell

The Hanging Shed – Gordon Ferris Talks To Crime Time

Brighton Rock Composed By Martin Phipps

Not Safe – Danuta Reah Talks To Crime Time

A Dance Of Ghosts – Kevin Brooks –

Adrian Magson Talks Tracers

The Delta – Tony Park Talks To Crime Time

The Last King Of Brighton Peter Guttridge

Island Of Bones – Imogen Robertson Talks To Crime Time

Stieg Larsson Symposium Call For Papers

The Survivor – Sean Slater Talks

Stranger Than Fiction – Mike Ripley On A Mysterious Writer

Channelling Du Maurier – Joanna Challis

Saving Max – Antointette Van Heugten

The Last King Of Brighton – Peter Guttridge Talks To Crime Time

The Warsaw Anagrams Richard Zimler

Blood Count – Reggie Nadelson Talks To Crime Time

Colin Murray – No Hearts, No Roses

Djibouti Elmore Leonard

Barry Eisler’s Black Ops Badass

Music Does It For Me – Julia Crouch

The Killer’s Art Mari Jungstedt

The Fallen Angel David Hewson

Write What You Know – Simon Toyne On His First Novel, Sanctus

The Dead Tracks – Tim Weaver

Or The Bull Kills You – Jason Webster

The Calling of the Grave – Simon Beckett

Random – Craig Robertson

Raymond Khoury On The Templar Salvation

Kurdo Baksi On The Girl Who Played With Fire

The House At Sea’s End Elly Griffiths

Codex Adrian Dawson

Every Single Second – Jon Osborne On Kill Me Once

Karen Rose Talks To Crime Time

Giving The Plot Away – Jim Kelly Talks To Crime Time

Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction – Mark Sanderson On Snow Hill

1222 Anne Holt

In The Shadow Of Gotham Stefanie Pintoff

Timlin On 101 Best Tv Crime Series

Meet Me In Malmö – Torquil Macleod

Frozen Out Quentin Bates

The C J Box Set

Second Sight Charles Mccarry

Mark Of The Lion – Suzanne Arruda

Cocaine Wars Nick McCaffery

Death And Dishonour – Barbara Nadel On Her New Novel

Mahler And Murder – Frank Tallis Talks To Crime Time

Snow Angels – James Thompson Talks To Crime Time

The Dead Women Of Juárez – Sam Hawken

Forshaw On Five Books On Film Noir

In The Shadow Of Gotham – Stefanie Pintoff

Contemporary American Crime Fiction Hans Bertens & Theo D’haen

Die In Paris – Marilyn Z. Tomlins

Jerry Robinson – Ambassador Of Comics N. C. Christopher Couch

The Soul Collectors Chris Mooney

The Art Of Hammer Marcus Hearn

Changing The World – Adrian Dawson On Codex

Port Mortuary Patricia Cornwell

More On Jeffrey Deaver’s 007

American Devil – Oliver Stark

Jakubowski Talks To Jakubowski

John Harvey On Following The Detectives And Other Things…

I Was Waiting For You Maxim Jakubowski

Death Of A Radical Rebecca Jenkins

Making The Last Phone Call

Unholy Awakening Michael Gregorio

The Madness Of Ludwig – Chris Kuzneski On The Secret Crown

River Of Shadows Valerio Varesi, Trans. Joseph Farrell

Black Madonna Peter Millar

Knowing Their Places – J. Kingston Pierce

Clive Bloom’s Violent London

The Dark End Of The Street – Jonathan Santlofer And Sj Rozan

Captured Neil Cross

Babylon Nights Daniel Depp

The More Interesting Sins – Anne Zouroudi

Savages Don Winslow

The Dog It Was That Died – John Dean On His Novel To Die Alone

Horrible Shocks – Peter Guttridge On City Of Dreadful Night

The Attenbury Diamonds Jill Paton Walsh

Women Writers And Detectives In Nineteenth-century Crime Fiction Lucy Sussex

Bending The Willow – Jeremy Brett As Sherlock Holmes David Stuart Davies

Blonde On A Stick Conrad Williams

The Lazarus Vault Tom Harper

Maps Of Hell – Paul Johnston

Under The Influence – L C Tyler

Music From Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy Jacob Groth

Bad Intentions Karin Fossum, Trans Charlotte Barslund

James McCreet, Author Of The Vice Society, On The Irresistible Lure Of Murder

Flesh Tailor – Kate Ellis

Lawrence, O’donnell Et Al James Bond 007 – Nightbird Modesty Blaise – Death In Slow Motion

Jason Elliot On The Network

No One Loves A Policeman Guillermo Orsi, Trans. Nick Caistor

Sharman – The Complete Series

Lifeblood Nj Cooper

Wake Up Dead Roger Smith

Not A Whodunit, But A Whowasitdunto? Erin Kelly On The Poison Tree

The Saint Complete Scores Edwin Astley

Thrillers – 100 Must-reads

Writing Dark Blood – Stuart Macbride

Die Twice Andrew Grant

I Kill Giorgio Faletti

Land Of Ghosts – Ev Seymour

Road Closed – Leigh Russell Talks

Clem Chambers On The Twain Maxim

Chris Simms On Cut Adrift

Tattoo – Bryan Boswell On An Author’s Life

Attica Locke Rising

A Question Of Belief Donna Leon

Guns of Brixton Mark Timlin

Elly Griffiths – Spare Me The Twins

Eliminating The Impossible – Leigh Russell Interviews Alistair Duncan

Nicholas Royle On The Face On The Cutting-room Floor

A Game Of Sorrows Shona Maclean

Give ’em Hell Malone Russell Mulcahy, Director

Paul Clifford Bulwer-lytton /a String Of Pearls Thomas Prest And Other Titles

Hit Tara Moss

Pieces Of Modesty Peter O’donnell

The Snowman Jo Nesbø

Two Tribes – Charlie Owen On Getting Published

John Meaney’s Pseudonymous Thriller

Marple Series Four

Phil Rickman On The Bones Of Avalon

Fever Of The Bone Val Mcdermid

Fear The Worst Linwood Barclay

The Levels – Sean Cregan Speaks

More Gems From Top Notch Thrillers

Death Watch – Jim Kelly On A Family Legacy

Mr Shivers Robert Jackson Bennett

Jack O’Connell In Brick Lane

Rupture Simon Lelic

Jonathan Buckley on Contact

Venom Joan Brady

Lynn Shepherd On Murder At Mansfield Park

Hollywood Moon Joseph Wambaugh

Mesrine Parts 1 & 2

The Tall Man Chloe Hooper

John Burdett On “the Godfather Of Kathmandu”

Chasing The Dead – Tim Weaver On The World Of The Missing

Simon Kernick On The Last Ten Seconds

Snow Hill Mark Sanderson

Historical Crime Novelist Lee Jackson’s New Book Available Complete – Free

New Hard-boiled & Noir From Gryphon

Jack Ross – In Dark Waters

More Than A Thriller – Ak Shevchenko On Bequest

The Unreliable Narrator In Unreliable Times – Henry Sutton On Get Me Out Of Here

Cathi Unsworth On Bad Penny Blues

Foul Deeds – John Eddleston

First Contact – Patrick Woodrow On Shifting Goalposts

Winterland Alan Glynn

Fleshing Out My Characters – Craig Russell

Cj Box – How High Concept Thrillers Conquered The Uk

The Monster In The Box Ruth Rendell

Highsmith The Misanthrope – Morag Joss Vs. Barry Forshaw

M C Beaton

Myth And True – Writing Acts Of Violence – Ryan David Jahn

Not So Elementary – Daniel Smith On The Sherlock Holmes Companion

Exodus And Other Scores Ernest Gold

Getting Published – The Curzon Group Speaks

David Hewson On Thriller 2

Patricia Melo On Lost World

Get Me Out Of Here Henry Sutton

My Tough Readership – Arnaldur Indridason Talks To Crime Time

Crime Novelist John Dean On The Global Short Story Competition

Cemetary Lake – Paul Cleave On A Distinctive Crime Novel

The Rise And Rise Of Tartan Noir

The Complaints Ian Rankin

Hangmen Also Die

James Bond 007 – The Girl Machine Jim Lawrence & Yaroslav Horak

Blindman’s Bluff – Faye Kellerman On Her New Novel

Spider Trap – Barry Maitland Talks To Crime Time

The Tears Of Autumn/the Miernik Dossier Charles Mccarry

Mehmet Murat Somer On The Gigolo Murder

Public Enemies – Soundtrack Elliot Goldenthal

A Question Of Identity – Laura Wilson On Empty Death

Ev Seymour On The Mephisto Threat

The Salati Case Tobias Jones

Still Midnight Denise Mina

Valerie Laws

Michael White On The Borgia Ring

Don Winslow Talks To Crime Time

Even Andrew Grant

Sean Black On Lockdown

The Lovers John Connolly

The Resurrectionist Jack O’Connnell

Roadside Crosses Jeffrey Deaver

Outsider Who Broke The Rules – Colin Cotterill

Blood Law – Steven Hague On Gang Culture

The Reaper – Steven Dunne On Breaking The Mould

The Last Fix K O Dahl

City Of Thieves – Cyrus Moore On Greed And Evil

The Warning Bell Tom Macaulay

Far Cry John Harvey

Maureen Carter

Looking Behind The Mask – N J Cooper

Dames, Dolls And Delinquents Gary Lovisi

Crime Pays For E-books – Dan Waddell On A New Trend

Glen Peters On Mrs D’silva’s Detective Instincts And The Shaitan Of Calcutta

The Incendiary’s Trail James Mccreet

August Heat Andrea Camilleri

Ice Cold Andrea Maria Schenkel

Suffer The Children Adam Creed

A Deadly Trade – Michael Stanley On Crime Time In South Africa

Tony Black On Gutted

Woman With Birthmark Håkan Nesser

The Definitive Hitchcock Blonde – Grace Kelly

Linda Regan On Dead Like Her

Tom Macaulay On The Warning Bell

Marple The Feminist

Glenn Cooper Talks About Library Of The Dead

Three Crime Talents – Tom Grace, Neil White and Peter De Jonge On Their Dynamic New Crime Novels

Getting Real Carol Anne Davis

The Secret Speech Tom Rob Smith

The Likeness – Tana French On Doubles

Far Cry – John Harvey On His New Novel

Still Midnight – Denise Mina Storms Back

The Vanishing Of Katharina Linden Helen Grant

Grisly Relics In Police Crime Museum

Gillian Flynn On Dark Places

Six Seconds – Rick Mofina

Elly Griffiths – Crossing Places

The Secret Speech – Tom Rob Smith On The Successor To Child 44

Danger Man Original Soundtrack – The Hour-long Shows Edwin Astley

Dead Men’s Dust – Matt Hilton

Red Riding Trilogy Various Directors

End Of The World In Breslau Marek Krajewski

The Imperium Of Steves – DC Pae On A Highly Unusual Novel

Cut Short – Leigh Russell On A Remarkable Novel

The Redeemer Jo Nesbø

Great British Fantasy Comic Book Heroes Phil Clarke & Mike Higgs, Editors

After The Fire – Karen Campbell

The Night Following – Morag Joss Talks To Crime Time About Her Most Unusual Novel

What To Do When Someone Dies Nicci French

The Long Fall Walter Mosely

Brian Mcgilloway On Bleed A River Deep

Midsomer Statistics

True Murder Yaba Badoe

The Grisham Of Finance – Clem Chambers

The Ignorance Of Blood – Robert Wilson Talks To Crime Time

Meet The Author – Daisychain’s Gj Moffat

Scott Turow

The Curious Case Of The Author Who Would Not Die

Six Seconds – Rick Mofina – A Crime Time Q&a

Keeping The Dead Tess Gerritsen

Robert Rotenberg Talks About Old City Hall

Quicksand Irving Pichel, Director

Great British Fictional Detectives – Russell James

Ann Cleeves

Natasha Cooper

Peter May

Anne Perry

Cath Staincliffe

Edgar Wallace

Lisa Appignanesi

Steve Aylett

Desmond Bagley

John Baker

Henry Cecil

Jim Kelly

The Ghoul

Paperboy Christopher Fowler

Maigret Vs. Holmes Alison Joseph

Watch Me When I Kill

Matthew Pearl On The Last Dickens

Poe – A Life Cut Short Peter Ackroyd

The Times On British Crime Writing – An Encyclopedia

Josh Bazell Talks About Beat The Reaper

Skin And Bones – Tom Bale Speaks

The Girl Who Played With Fire Stieg Larsson

Ancient Mayhem – Roger Hudson Talks About Death Comes By Amphora

Historically Hardboiled – Rafe Mcgregor On The Architect Of Murder

Jeffery Deaver Live Webchat

Dennis Lehane – His Best Yet?

Sherlock Holmes… The Death And Life

Burial Neil Cross

Jakob Arjouni Talks To Laura Latham

Breakneck – Erica Spindler

John Dean Talks About The Dead Hill


The Spirit Soundtrack David Newman

Scarpetta Patricia Cornwell

Mystery Author Stumps Experts

Tom Cain On The Survivor

Morris, Smith In Books Of The Year

Marvel Chronicle Matthew K Manning Et Al

Waking Up As A Murderer – Neil Cross On Burial

Solving The Riddle – Simon Hall

The Westminster Poisoner – Susanna Gregory On Death And High Winds

The Phantom Of Rue Royale Jean-françois Parot

Sherlock Holmes…the Death And Life

New Atlantic Classic Crime Series

The Fire – Katherine Neville

The Trafficked – Lee Weeks Talks About A Striking Series

2666 – Roberto Bolaño

Sallis On Salt River

Picking Sides – Tracy Gilpin

The Designated Victim

Ever More Cruel And Unusual Death – Nick Brownlee On Bait

Crime Archive – The Great Train Robbery Peter Guttridge

The Ultimate Gangster Class A Selection

Out Of The Shadows – Peter Leonard

Dangerous Identities – Tom Gilling On Dreamland

The Writer’s Handbook 2009

Natasha Cooper On The CWA Daggers Shortlist

Arctic Chill – Arnaldur Indridasson

David Hewson On Dante’s Numbers

The Birthday Present – Barbara Vine

The Walter Hill Collection

Silks – Dick & Felix Francis

A Most Wanted Man – John Le Carré

David Simon, Creator Of The Wire, Speaks

Have You Seen…? – David Thompson

The Taint Of Midas – Anne Zouroudi

The Turnaround – George Pelecanos

PD James – Fatal Follies

Hollywood Movie Stills – Joel W Finler

Who Saw Her Die?

Andrew Taylor On New Crime

No Keys In Hawaii

Billingham’s Standalone

Lehane Crosses Genres

The Dark Knight Redux

The Mammoth Book Of Best Crime Comics Paul Gravett, Editor

Mankell Bags Honours

Harrogate Old Peculier – Nobody Does It Better

The Ultimate Crime Book Store

Murder In The East

The Monstrous Side – Michael Morley On Spider

Everybody Has Something To Hide – Meg Gardiner Spills The Beans

Up To Date With RJ Ellory

Iron Man Soundtrack Kamin Djavadi

Meet Andrew Martin

Screaming Out Of The Psyche – Alex Chance

Practical Guides To The Current Crime Scenes Of Europe

Massive Momentum For British Crime Writing – An Encyclopedia

Simenon – Trojan Horse For Crime In Translation

Paretsky In London

Modesty Blaise – Yellowstone Booty Peter O’Donnell Et Al

Politics Noir Gary Phillips, Ed

Dekok And The Somber Nude – AC Baantjer

Unethical And Illegal – Bill Vidal On The Clayton Account

Darren Shan On Procession Of The Dead

From The Borderlands – Brian Mcgilloway

We Know Greg Hurwitz

Cumming On Quiet Death In Xingjiang

Pulp Fiction – The Dames Omnibus Otto Penzler, Ed.

Shotgun Stories

Slip Of The Knife By Denise Mina

The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes Nick Rennison, Ed

Stratton’s War By Laura Wilson

Superheroes Roz Kaveney

Parker Speaks

Dave Zeltserman – Small Crimes

Dissecting Hannibal Lecter Benjamin Szumskyj

Child 44 Tom Rob Smith

L.M. Jackson And The Mesmerist’s Apprentice

Vengeful Longings

John Harvey – Cold In Hand

The Race By Richard North Patterson

Walter Mosley Speaks

Ed Mcbain

Christopher Cook

A Bright Name, Already Silenced

Dan Fesperman – From Cuba With Love

Bad Traffic – Simon Lewis on his striking crime novel

Ian Rankin – Exits And Entrances

Adair’s New Dip Into Christie Waters

Mari Jungstedt’s Unseen For UK Release



Dark Music – Nick Stone on Mr Clarinet

A Serpent In Eden – The Greatest Murder Mystery of All Time

Behind Closed Doors


Dark Harbour

Beasts in the Cellar – The Exploitation Film Career of Tony Tenser

All Fun and Games until Somebody Loses an Eye

Baldacci in London

Cold Kill

Christopher Cook – Robbers of Virtue

Caleb Carr

Black Wind

At All Costs

A Small Death In Lisbon

A Perfect Crime

City Of Bones

Atlantis Found

City Of Ice

Angels Of The Flood

Blood-Red Rivers

Cops And Other Robbers

Bound In Shallows

A Chemical Prison

Before The Fact

Boy In The Water


Crime Zero

Blood Work

A Good Place To Die

At Ruby’s


Dead Before Dying

Black Tide

Cold Blood

Red Sky Lament

Special Topics in Calamity Physics

Rosary Girls

Trace Evidence

Up to Date with Sparkle Hayter

Doug Swanson – Where Do You Hide The Body?

Red Hook


The Men Behind Batman

The Empty Hours


Murphy’s Revenge

The Monsters of Gramercy Park

The Butcher of St. Peters

Puccini’s Ghosts

Forest of Souls

Man On Fire

Last Witness


Involuntary Witness

Fly In Amber

Star Struck

Riding The Snake

Stealing Thunder

Water Of Death

The Forensic Casebook – The Science of Crime Scene Investigation

High Five

The Raphael Affair

Quiet Game


The Mask Of Dimitrios

Love Lies Bleeding

Prayers For Rain

The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk

The Marching Season

Rider On The Rain & Trap For Cinderella

I’ll Be Watching You

Midwinter Of The Spirit


The Art Of Breaking Glass

One Virgin Too Many


Tell No One

Mortal Remains

The Nature of the Beast

Journey Into Fear

The Evidence Exposed

The Keeper

Mystic River

The Cloak-And-Dagger Girl

Write To Kill

The Stollenberg Legacy

Falling Off Air


The Hundredth Man

Last to Know



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