The Bone Readers By Jacob Ross

The Wrong Side Of Goodbye By Michael Connelly

Beyond The Truth & What Dark Clouds Hide By Anne Holt (tr. Anne Bruce)

Death Going Down By Marìa Angélica Bosco & The Mystery Of The Three Orchids By Augusto De Angelis

Eric Ambler, A Literary Biography By Peter Lewis

Blu-Ray Crime From Soho To L. A.

The Two O’clock Boy By Mark Hill

Maigret And The Tall Woman By Georges Simenon (trans. David Watson)

The New Extremism In Cinema – From France To Europe Tanya Horeck And Tina Kendall, Editors & Contemporary British Horror Cinema – Industry, Genre And Society By Johnny Walker

Peter O’ Donnell & Enric Badia Romero Modesty Blaise – The Murder Frame

The Harbour Master By Daniel Pembrey & The Beautiful Dead By Belinda Bauer

The Ashes Of Berlin By Luke McCallin

Deep Down Dead By Steph Broadribb

Deep Water By Christine Poulson

Angels Of Music By Kim Newman

New Titles – Beck, Odds Against Tomorrow, 52 Pickup

Italian Horror Cinema Stefanio Baschiera & Russ Hunter, Editors

Out Of Bounds By Val Mcdermid

Two W. F. Morris Reissues

The Devil’s Feast By M. J. Carter & Cold Earth By Ann Cleeves

New Books By Louise Penny, Barry Maitland, Martin Suter, D. A. Mishani

The Outlaws & Poison Pen – New Crime Discs

Latest Crime Book Roundup

A Quiet Place By Seicho Matsumoto

Willnot By James Sallis

Vita Brevis By Ruth Downie, A Deadly Thaw By Sarah Ward

Richard Hughes’ Forbidden Worlds

Thomas Mullen – Darktown; Peter Lovesey – Another One Goes Tonight; Gabi Kreslehner, Raven Sisters – Franza Oberwieser’s Second Case

The Rules Of Backyard Cricket By Jock Serong

New Blu-rays – Cry Of The City & The Border Various Directors

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