Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly & Love is Blind The Rapture of Brodie Moncur by William Boyd

Guardian Thrillers Roundup Barry Forshaw

One More Kill by Matt Hughes & Rough Trade by Robert Silverberg

Maigret Collection/Georges Simenon: Maigret and the Calame Report/ Maigret and the Wine Merchant/ Maigret and the Saturday Caller

The Language of Secrets by Ausma Zehanat Khan

The Bridge: Complete Season IV & The Bridge I-IV DVD & Blu-ray, various directors/Arrow TV

Dominique Manotti, A. A. Dhand & Abir Mukherjee: Ruth Morse on New Crime

A SHOT IN THE DARK by Lynne Truss

Midnight Movie Monographs

Liam McIlvanney, Peter Lovesey: Ruth Morse on New Crime

FT Summer Crime 2018

Manda Scott, A Treachery of Spies, Into the Fire & John Lawton, Friends and Traitors

The Retreat: Mark Edwards talks to Crime Time

A Legacy Of Spies by John Le Carre

Book Review: The Krull House by Georges Simenon (Trans by Howard Curtis)

Underworld USA and other new Crime Blu-rays

The Boy at the Door by Alex Dahl

The Films of William Castle Murray Leeder, editor

Compulsory Games by Robert Aickman

The Louisiana Republic by Maxim Jakubowski

Estocada by Graham Hurley

Baby Blue by Pol Koutsakis, translated by Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife

Firefly by Henry Porter

The Killing Habit by Mark Billingham & The Old Religion by Martyn Waites

Guardian Thriller Roundup

Ruth Morse on Historical, American & Brit Noir

The Killing Habit by Mark Billingham

Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall & Murder at the Grand Raj Palace by Vaseem Khan

Thriller Roundup

Beast (Michael Pearce, director)

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