A Library in Florida: Glenn Cooper talks about Sign of the Cross

Best Crime of the Year for the Phil Williams Show

What Falls Between the Cracks: Robert Scragg talks to Crime Time

The Cover Up: Marnie Riches talks to Crime Time

Days of Smoke: Woody Haut talks to Crime Time

How hard could it be? Antony Johnston talks to Crime Time

Undertow: Anthony J. Quinn talks to Crime Time

The Hanged Man: Simon Kernick Talks to Crime Time

To the Max: Maxim Jakubowski on Crime Fiction

If the Cops Don’t Get You, Bad Luck Will: Crime Fiction as a Conservative Genre

A Picnic On Baker Street – James Lovegrove Talks To Crime Time

Subverting The Psychological Thriller – Mark Edwards Talks To Crime Time

The Hit – Nadia Dalbuono Talks To Crime Time

The Contract – J. M. Gulvin Talks To Crime Time

Getting The Science Right!

The Bronte Guide To Handling Bad Reviews

Shanghai Noir

Jake Kerridge On Judging The Crime And Thriller Book Of The Year.

The Best Crime Reading Series In The USA?

The Question Every Author Dreads And Shouldn’t

Time To Win – Who Is Harry Brett?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Mike Ripley Talks To Crime Time

An Immigrant With A Laptop – Aga Lesiewicz Talks To Crime Time

Criminal Meetings – Leonardo Padura And Simon Beckett

Well Of The Winds – Denzil Meyrik Talks To Crime Time

Tragic Shores – Thomas H. Cook Talks To Crime Time

The Escape – C. L. Taylor On Creating Flawed Characters

The Cutaway – Christina Kovac Talks To Crime Time

Suellen Dainty On The Housekeeper

The Wild, Weird Criminal Side Of Florida

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