Bellevue Square is my first literary novel in eleven years. It followed four mystery novels written under the pseudonym “Inger Ash Wolfe” and the experience of writing those books over a ten year period left me with some interesting questions to ponder.  I’d lived with one character that whole time and she’d become as real to me as I am to myself. I began to wonder if our experiences of selfhood, ontologically, were all that different. Her feelings, decisions, actions, all started in my mind, where my own do, the only difference between us was that she was “fictional” and I was “real”. She knew only what I knew, but I suffer from that limit as well. I started to think more about authorship and selfhood, and out of that came Bellevue Square, which is the first “panel” in a triptych of books called Modern Ghosts. It’s a mutant text, drawing on familiar genre tropes, like mystery and thriller, but ultimately it’s a literary novel that explores the raw stuff of consciousness and puts the reader inside the mind of an unreliable narrator who may or may not be going mad.

I think Bellevue Square will appeal to readers who enjoy fun and challenging rides, like the rollercoaster you didn’t think you wanted to get on, but were glad you did. The book’s literary grandparents include Philip K. Dick, Jorge Luis Borges, and Patricia Highsmith, and it’s a meticulously made novel that rewards a second reading. The books that complete the triptych will appear in 2019 and 2021.

Bellevue Square is publshed by No Exit Press


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