In modern-day crisis-torn Athens, Stratos Gazis is a Caretaker or as you and I might say, a hitman. Very professional. Very cool.

In this debut appearance a glamorous and famous actress hires him to kill her husband while, separately, the husband hires him to find who wants to kill his wife. Awkward, eh? The hitman’s best friend is a top cop, and they’re both in love with the same woman, and their transgender friend has just found the new love of her life, and Athens is in meltdown.

This is a tasty gulp-down thriller where there are more plot-twists than courses in a hot and spicy Greek meze. After a while the table is littered with the remains of courses (aka corpses) each of which is full of flavour but, together, may be more than your digestive system can face. Or maybe I’m just sensitive.

For me, thrillers based on a ruthless amoral hero work best when their plots are clean and sparse. But if you prefer a meal with everything thrown in, you’ll swallow this one with delight. It was tasty, but I’d have been happier with a kebab.

Athenian Blues

Pol Koutsakis

Bitter Lemon paperback, £8.99, 978-1-908524-76-8

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