If one publisher can be applauded for its dedication to Holmesiana, it is undoubtedly Titan Books. The company have made available the greatest number of older and contemporary Holmes pastiches, certainly outpacing any rivals. Virtually every important novel written in emulation of Conan Doyle has found its way into the company’s Sherlock Holmes reprint series, as well as impressive new titles from such modern exponents as Kim Newman and David Stuart Davies. The estimable George Mann is behind this latest collection (with its nicely understated cover, simply showing the door to 221B Baker Street), and the talented contributors include James Lovegrove (a fellow book critic of this writer at the Financial Times), Lindsay Faye a variety of other writers, some of whose names were new to me. The concept here is associates and enemies of the great detective put centre stage (rather as Kim Newman did in Titan’s Moriarty: Hound of the D’Urbervilles with the Napoleon of Crime and his lieutenant Sebastian Moran). While not every entry is top drawer, the level of achievement here is , and the book will be catnip for aficonados of Holmesiana.

Associates of Sherlock Holmes is published by Titan Books

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