He may be known to many readers as the ‘King of the Erotic Thriller’ (and in terms of the burgeoning popularity of the latter genre, his time has certainly arrived), but crime fiction fans are more likely to celebrate Maxim Jakubowski as one of the most reliable editors in the field, with a lengthy CV of distinguished entries. This one, Venice Noir, is part of the long running series issued by Akashic Books, and is a particularly cherishable entry. The company appears to be working its way through every city on the planet (how long before they get to Wigan Noir?), but Italy is solid territory. The writers represented here are an eclectic bunch, with some prestigious Italians (all ably translated) such as Matteo Righetto, along with some reliable Brits such as Roy Grace’s creator, the estimable Peter James. It’s nice, also, to see a piece of writing by the man who directed the best British crime movie ever made, Get Carter, Mike Hodges. And the latter proves once again (after earlier literary outings) that there is more than one string to his bow.

Venice Noir (edited by Maxim Jakubowski) is published by Akashic

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