Why hasn’t the accomplished series based on Gunnar Staalesen’s excellent Varg Veums private eye novels been picked up in the UK yet? The films are, however available (sub-titled) on DVD and (in some cases) Blu-Ray. Starring the charismatic Trond Esper Seim, the series captures a great deal of the feel of original novels. Cold Heart, a later episode, is helmed by Trond Esper Seim himself, and proves to be a very interesting outing. The episode tries to do something new and innovative with the format – and (as so often with actors who direct), he coaxes full and nuanced performances from his fellow actors, particularly from the wonderful Bjorn Floberg (as Varg Veum’s wry, long-suffering police colleague), who Seim encourages to really have fun with the part – even though it’s undoubtedly one the darkest episodes in the series.

Varg Veum: Cold Hearts/Misofilm Blu-ray/DVD

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