Hi folks. I have two new books on Amazon Kindle: CAMDEN CALLING and MISSING IN ACTON. The first one is a sequel to ‘Some Like it Cold’ (also on Kindle) and the other one has a new character called Vincent Company – plot summaries are below. Both available for the knockdown price of around £1.90. If you don’t have a kindle you can download one for free on the Amazon home page and read books on your computer!

Alternatively, these books will also soon be available on the other e-book system – Smashwords, e-pub, whatever it’s called.

CAMDEN CALLING. In this sequel to ‘Some Like it Cold’ Brooklyn Rhodes spends his weekdays in London gambling, and his weekends in Hastings with his Russian girlfriend Katya. When his new best friend Paul Selby asks him to babysit a suitcase of cocaine, Brooklyn agrees. After all, he’s an ex-nightclub bouncer with a criminal past; what could be easier? But when a crooked cop and a crooked businessman come looking for the coke, Brooklyn wonders if he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Soon the bodies start mounting up, and Brooklyn comes to the conclusion that when Camden comes calling, it won’t be bringing any good news.

MISSING IN ACTON. Vincent Company works as a car-hire driver, and lives alone in a studio flat in Acton. One evening, while out looking for food, Vincent meets a forward young blonde called Petra in the Poco Loco cafe. Things progress quickly, and before he knows it, Vincent is being approached by two strange men who want him to do them a favour. Meanwhile, just a few streets away, two young men are planning a robbery which has little chance of showing a profit. Written in the low-key style of ‘Smalltime’, with a nod towards the sex-filled novels of Charles Bukowski, ‘Missing in Acton’ is a crime novel with a difference; the difference being sex! As Vincent becomes more involved with the local character’s lives he realises that two’s company and three’s a crowd.

And before you ask, yes that really is me on the ‘Missing in Acton’ cover! After all, times are hard and I can’t afford to hire a real model.


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