The paperback of the latest Jim Stringer novel, The Somme Stations (winner of the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Crime Award), is published by Faber in February. Jim Stringer remains abroad – it has been remarked that he is turning into a sort of dour Tintin – for the next book in the series, The Baghdad Railway Club, which is published by Faber in June 2012. The story concerns the FIRST British invasion of Iraq (we called it Mesopotamia then), in 1917. We went in to secure the oil supplies and to stop the Germans completing the Berlin-Baghdad Railway. Nineteen-seventeen was the hottest summer in Baghdad for decades, which is saying a lot. Having kicked the Turks out of the city, we – and, conveniently, the Turks – considered it too hot for further campaigning. But it was not too hot for murder….

In May 2012, Profile will publish my other new book, Underground, Overground – not so much a crime novel, admittedly, as a history of the London Underground. The book does contain references to Underground-related thrillers, however, including works by Barbara Vine, Lee Jackson and Geoffrey Household, and it has given me an idea for a Jim Stringer ghost-story-cum-thriller, which I am going to try and inflict on the public.

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