In my forthcoming novel Weirdo investigator Sean Ward travels down to the seaside resort of Ernemouth in Norfolk, he enters a landscape haunted by witchcraft, civil war and social upheaval.

The track Captain Swing Part One was originally intended as the first of four Prologues for each of the quarters of Weirdo. It has now morphed into a collaboration between Cathi and the composer and musician Paul A Murphy, who has vividly brought alive this haunted landscape with an eerie musical score fashioned by his Orchaostra, featuring Michael Meekin on acoustic Flying V.

The piece has been beautifully set into its sonic surrounds by producer Pete Woodhead, Cathi’s seasoned collaborator responsible for the previous Transmissions from Bad Penny Blues. The accompanying, evocative visuals have been hand crafted by the multi-talented artist Sal Pittman, also of the Parish of Ernemouth/Yarmouth.

The continuing story will appear in four parts during the run-up to Weirdo’s publication on 12 July. Look upon them as either sonic Prologues to the book, or a separate Symphony from the Unquiet County, whichever you prefer. You will also find forthcoming, a rousing anthem to Captain Swing, composed and performed by Mr Murphy and produced by Mr Woodhead.

I also have a new Facebook page that has gone up at the weekend. Just so you know, I’m not going to be running this as a normal Facebook where you make friends, etc, just as a bulletin board for events and everything else that also goes on my website – so please don’t take offence if you’ve made a friend request, I want to keep our much-valued friendship in the real world!

There is news on both Facebook and the website of forthcoming events:

Thursday 15 June – HISTORYtalk about the true stories behind Bad Penny Blues at the London Lighthouse, Ladbroke Grove, at 6.30pm – EVENT FREE

Monday 18 June – Interview with Laura Del Rivo, author of The Furnished Room, for The Sohemian Society at The Wheatsheaf, W1 at 7.30pm – £3 entrance.

Monday 25 June – Gresham College Lecture at the Museum of London: The Dark Eyes of London, contemporary crime fiction in the capital at 1pm – free entry, no reservations required.

And an ongoing exhibition at the Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, BOOKED IN, photos my Vanessa Lawrence of writers and musicians who have taken part in the ACE STORIES events, between 25 June-15 April, will feature pictures of my good self in the Hotel’s Dolly Would room…

More details at my website or Facebook sites.

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