How do they do it? How does Ostara Publishing and its Top Notch Thrillers imprint continue to turn up such splendid (and shamefully neglected) work from the past? Perhaps the answer to that question lies in the onlie begetter of the series, the writer Mike Ripley (no slouch himself), whose knowledge of the rich legacy of past entries in the field is prodigious. With Undertow by Desmond Cory and Cold War by David Brierley, Ripley and TNT have once again brought to light some highly accomplished thrillers in which a casual mastery of style (particularly notable in the case of debut author David Brierley) is matched with impressive storytelling acumen. Readers are now likely to be asking: what next? On the evidence of this duo and previous entries, quality will undoubtedly be assured.

Undertow by Desmond Cory & Cold War by David Brierley are published by Ostara/Top Notch Thrillers

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