While his name may not be familiar, the work of the illustrator Tom Adams will be on many a bookshelf, his strikingly designed covers complementing the work of a series of important novelists. Personal favourites for this writer are his beautiful montage jackets for Eric Ambler’s Judgement on Deltchev and A Kind of Anger, looking far better here at large size and without title font than they did on the original paperbacks. It’s also to good see other personal favourites, including some of the highly distinctive jackets he painted for the work of Agatha Christie, particularly one that Christie herself didn’t lke: a close-up of a corpse with a bulging, hideous eye. Adams’ s more gruesome Christie covers may not have pleased the Dame herself, but they are very definitely attached etched in many crime fiction fan’s memory. An attractive volume.

Tom Adams Uncovered: The Art of Agatha Christie and Beyond is published by HarperCollins

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