The Queen of Spy Writers is back: classic thrillers from Helen MacInnes are to be reissued by Titan Books."Helen MacInnes can hang up her cloak and dagger right there with Eric Ambler and Graham Greene," said Newsweek. Starting with Above Suspicion, Assignment in Brittany and bestselling titles Pray for a Brave Heart, Titan Books are reissuing the thrillers of Helen MacInnes in handsome new editions and for the very first time as e-books. Many of these were made into successful films, including Above Suspicion, The Salzburg Connection and The Venetian Affair.

Born in Scotland in 1907, Helen Clark MacInnes moved to New York with her husband, the classicist Gilbert Highet, in 1938. It was there she began her first book, Above Suspicion, a tale of espionage set in Nazi Europe, which became an immediate success and was made into a movie shortly afterwards. A string of taut, realistic, thrillers followed, often set against the background of World War II or the Cold War. Her heroes are not professional spies, but amateurs, caught up in extraordinary circumstances, who have to use all their physical and mental skills to defeat an often shadowy, elusive, enemy

Critics and readers alike noted MacInnes’s skillful and credible portrayal of espionage and the characters involved in it. She credited her success to thorough research and her passion for international politics.

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