Luke McCallin: I have worked with the UN as a humanitarian relief worker and peacekeeper in the Caucasus, the Sahel and the Balkans. My experiences have driven my writing, in examining what happens to normal people — those stricken by conflict, by disaster — put under abnormal pressures. This resulted in the creation of a riveting historical mystery series built around an unlikely protagonist, Gregor Reinhardt, a German intelligence officer and former Berlin detective. The first two books, The Man From Berlin — about Reinhardt’s investigation into the murders of a German officer and a Croatian journalist — and The Pale House — where Reinhardt is pulled into an elaborate plot by Croatian fascists to secure their post-war survival — are set in German-occupied Sarajevo during WWII. The third book, The Divided City, is set in post-war Berlin, with a fourth, set in WWI involving a much younger Reinhardt’s first investigation in the trenches, is out in 2016.

The watchwords to Reinhardt’s character are ‘change’ and ‘consequences’, and his stories are threads woven into a tapestry of a continent in upheaval. McCallin wanted to make readers think Reinhardt could be you. An ordinary man in extraordinary times, trying to behave and believe in what makes sense, but aware of his own fears and limitations.

Luke McCallin’s The Man From Berlin and The Pale House are published by No Exit Press

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