The Narrative

Theodore Steves is an erudite madman, hell bent on propelling himself to god-like status, worshipped by a collective of criminal down and outs, needy of direction and self-worth. With his victims in place – his accomplices – his intention is to wage warfare on probity and to watch the world fall at his snake skin shoes from the comfort of his compound in Arizona.

Behind the Narrative

We have all witnessed behaviour that we believe, on some level or another to be reprehensible. Perhaps more moderately in our own lives, or in the press, unbearable monsters are revealed. But how do such individuals come to rationalise, to give credence to such immoral behaviour? What is the thought process for these human beings? In as much as we may like to categorise them as inhuman, though inhumane, they are just as of the flesh as you or I, but something in the psyche has gone catastrophically wrong.

I embarked upon answering these questions by inverting my own thoughts, the thoughts and reactions of a rational individual, turning that philosophy inside out and magnifying it a hundred times. The result is Theodore Steves, a stark-raving lunatic, devoid of all reason.

I began with a belief that something terrible must have happened in his life for his psychology to have become so horribly warped, and with the assumption that we are all the product of our histories, whatever our reaction may be. The blow is softened with humour, sometimes slapstick, for both the reader and the writer, in an attempt to lighten the read.

The Imperium of Steves is a tale of morality told through the eyes, the mouth piece, of abject immorality.

The Imperium of Steves is published by Quartet

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