Anyone with a taste for British cinema of the macabre will have a deep and abiding affection for Hammer Films, particularly in the company’s heyday (before it received the Queens Award for Industry). Long one of the most eloquent advocates for the studio and its products, Marcus Hearn here delivers a text which is a perfect combination of enthusiasm and scholarship. The text alone would be an incentive for any Hammer aficionado, but the riches that this extremely handsome volume has to offer absolutely clinches the deal, with a veritable treasure trove of stills and posters, all reproduced in vibrant colour (not to mention a keen eye for design). The Hammer Vault explores the story of Hammer Films using previously unseen treasures from the company’s archive, starting with the company’s incorporation documents from 1934, and ending with promotional material from the 2011 release The Resident, the book showcases original correspondence, lobby cards, script pages and rare photographs. A treasurable volume.

The Hammer Vault by Marcus Hearn is published by Titan

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