David Stuart Davies is unquestionably the U.K.’s most distinguished expert on Sherlock Holmes (and this writer has been pleased to co-edit with him The Sherlock Holmes Book for the publisher Dorling Kindersley); but his most considerable contribution to Holmesiana is probably his series of Conan Doyle pastiches. The latter field – new adventures for the Great Detective — is becoming very crowded these days (not least because of Titan’s Holmes publishing program, collecting many of the best books), and Davies’ entries are among the most sheerly enjoyable – as with this latest, despite it being a riff on a now-familiar theme: Holmes and Jack the Ripper. The Whitechapel murders have happened a decade before the action of this book, but they are to figure significantly when the denizens of 221B Baker Street become involved in the hunt for a kidnapped child. Aficionados of both Holmes and David Stuart Davies need not hesitate.

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Ripper Legacy David Stuart Davies Titan Books 9781783296590

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