My new book, The Final Minute, centres round Matt Barron, a man with severe amnesia who keeps have a recurring, and very vivid, dream in which he is in a house looking down at two dead women. This leads him to think that he may have killed them. As the book starts, he’s living with his sister in Wales but when a pair of menacing strangers turn up out of the blue with questions for Matt, he realizes that somewhere in his unconscious he possesses a piece of information that is extremely valuable for some very dangerous people. He’s soon on the run, being chased by people at every turn, including the police, and enlists the help of a hardnosed private detective Tina Boyd, to help him find out his true identity and what the information he possesses is before he’s either caught or killed.

Matt is a man with a very interesting past that only comes to light piece by piece as the book progresses, thanks to his amnesia, so unfortunately I can’t tell you much more about him than that right now! Tina, meanwhile, is a central character in a number of my books. A former detective on one of the Met’s Murder Investigation Teams, she’s a complex woman with an unhealthy addiction to danger, and a checkered career that’s included her being shot, beaten, kidnapped, fired twice (and reinstated once), so she’s used up most of her nine lives. In The Final Minute she’s had a career change and is scraping a living as a private detective in London, and missing the adrenaline rush of chasing killers, so she’s intrigued when Matt Barron turns up on her doorstep, and quickly takes on his case. Not surprisingly, this turns out be a very bad move.

I first got the idea for the book from a friend of mine whose father was being treated for depression using electric shock treatment (something that I never realized still goes on in the UK). As he told me about the treatment, I imagined a scenario where the shocks brought to light suppressed memories in the patient, and gave him visions of murders that he might have committed in his past. Although I never used the electric shock angle it was enough to give me a plot, and from that, I developed Matt’s story.

So is he a coldblooded murderer?

Well, you’ll have to read it and find out.

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