A stimulating and intelligent analysis of the European crime fiction wave as it has been received in America, written by David Geherin, the knowledgable Professor Emeritus of English at Eastern Michigan University. With individual entries on a variety of writers, the author concentrates on specific books to build up a picture of key elements which comprise the very disparate approach of the talents examined here, from several points of the compass. As the title might suggest, the Scandinavian crime wave is (cannily) given particular attention here, with insightful essays on such influential writers as Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson. Other nationalities are included, such as Italy’s Andrea Camilleri and — in something of a shift of gears — Scotland’s Denise Mina. Some may question the inclusion of the excellent writer Philip Kerr under the ‘Scotland’ category — whatever his place of birth, the latter’s writing is always cosmopolitan and never parochial – and hardly Scottish. But what counts here are the penetrating analyses of the authors with many fresh insights, however familiar with the work we may consider ourselves.

The Dragon Tattoo and its Long Tale: The New Wave of European Crime Fiction in America is published by McFarland

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