My third book, The Dead Ground, came out last week in the UK. The Dead Ground is the first time I’ve written a sequel, so in some ways it was much easier – I knew what had to happen to all my recurring cast, what emotional wringers I was going to put them through, who would fall in love with who, and who would suffer. But it was also hard to remember what I’d said about things (what is the unit actually called? What colour are people’s eyes? How old is everyone?) and to make sure I wasn’t duplicating scenes from The Lost. There are only so many ‘sitting in the station discussing the case’ scenes you can write.

In this book, you get to find out what Paula’s going to do about the cliffhanger at the end of the Lost, and a bit more about her missing mother, and there are developments for everyone else you met in the first book, including her father, her friends, and her colleagues at the missing persons unit. The Dead Ground sees Paula and the team on the hunt for someone who is abducting babies, and working out what links the disappearances to a faith healer, the murder of a pro-choice doctor, and a horrific atrocity from the early nineties. It also sees Paula put in terrible danger.

I’ve now almost finished the next-next one, Paula Book 3. It doesn’t have a title yet but it’s there. It will be set about five months after The Dead Ground and will pick up all the ongoing story strands from there in a story about terrorism, revenge, and grief. Needless to say, Paula will still be living with the tough decision she has to make, and there’ll be plenty of heartache and bloodshed along the way. See you next year?

The Dead Ground is published by Headline

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