The Convenience of Lies is a taut new political thriller inspired by real crimes which senior police covered-up. Author Geoffrey Seed – a former BBC Panorama producer – heard about two separate police investigations into the alleged abuse of children by lawyers, churchmen and politicians, including the leading Liberal, Cyril Smith.

But instead of being arrested, these pillars of society were saved by friends in high places. Someone from the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office rang the investigators then a senior officer removed all incriminating files.

‘This happened before the Jimmy Savile scandal,’ Seed said. ‘But it got me thinking about who gained by such a cover-up, why they would do it and what’d happen to anyone who stood in their way.’

The result is a compelling tale about the abuse of power. It opens with a kidnap and a chance encounter between two former lovers then builds to an explosive conclusion.

A paperback edition will be available soon but it can be downloaded on Kindle at –

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