Subtitled ‘Posters from the Archives of Hammer Films’, this lovingly compiled collection (edited by Marcus Hearn, a noted authority on such material) functions on several levels: firstly as an eye-opening anthology of some to the most striking and audacious commercial art ever to entice audiences into cinemas (with a canny reliance on blood and cleavage); as a guide to the immense output of one of Britain’s best-loved and most productive film studios (now enjoying its umpteenth revival), which ranged from horror to science fiction to such splendid crime dramas as ‘Cash on Demand’ (with the matchless Peter Cushing and Andre Morrell), and finally, as a delicious exercise in nostalgia for any British film lover over the age of forty. The extra-large format allows the work of some this country’s finest commercial illustrators to be seen to full advantage.

The Art of Hammer Marcus Hearn

Titan Books

Barry Forshaw

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