With a multiplicity of elements to praise, it’s hard to know where to start first with Gregg Hurwitz’s Tell No Lies (its beleaguered probation counsellor Daniel Brasher knee deep in a series of gruesome murders). The book exerts all the author’s customary Ancient Mariner-like grip on the reader (and is sometimes reminiscent of another American master, Harlan Coben — the title, in fact, is Cobenian), but Hurwitz is always fully aware of the importance of character being kept firmly in focus at the centre of the helter-skelter plotting. He is currently bringing new levels of sophistication to a much-acclaimed run on DC Comics’ Batman, which demonstrates a welcome readiness not to be pigeonholed (although perhaps, but that is not such a stretch – after all, The Dark Knight hijacked from Sherlock Holmes the soubriquet ‘The World’s Greatest Detective.’)

Tell No Lies will be catnip to Hurwitz admirers.

Tell No Lies by Gregg Hurwitz is published by Michael Joseph

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