La Genre… General

My latest novel, Sequence is released was released on 5 September. After years of being compared to Dan Brown with Codex, despite the latter being the former, chronologically speaking, it’s a plot and a structure which I feel is unique….

Crime, detectives, time travel, heartbreak, love, loss, literary prose, street-speak, cutting edge technology, handmade tools, high tech futures and low tech ages, the bustle of L.A. and the bleak surrounds of a French village you’ve never heard of.

And it’s at this point you would expect me to say “Sequence has it all!”

But I won’t? Why? Because booksellers, bloggers, reviewers and critics don’t actually like books that have it all. Not unless one of those things looks suspiciously like a coat rack. They need something to hang their hat on, you see.

So… Sequence is basically a "Time Travel" novel?

No, it’s a "Crime Thriller" and I would like it categorised as such. You see, there’s been a murder and our hero has to find out whodunnit. And yes, OK, ultimately ‘whendunnit’.

So it is a time travel novel then?

Well, yes. And no. With over half the novel set in the supposed normality of present day Los Angeles, you’ll barely notice the time travel. Not unless you’re looking for it. And time cannot be altered in my book. At all. Not one iota. So it’s not one of ‘those’ time travel novels.

Except in the bits where it is.

Anyway, with much of the remainder of the novel set in and around 2035, it’s probably a little more "Future Tech".

Except that all the science in Sequence is based on hard fact, and then interpolated. So it’s really more of a "Techno-Thriller".

Except, of course, when one of my characters finds themselves in 1132AD and unable to change any event, it actually becomes more of a "Historical Novel".

Except it’s not that either, because it’s actually a "Love Story". OK, not your typical boy-meets-girl type love story, but there’s a deep powerful emotion that’s driving the characters, and the novel, forward. It’s really quite heartbreaking in parts.

So that’s sorted then. Sequence is a Sci-Fi Time Travel Crime Novel that’s also a Love Story/Techno Thriller which delves deep into Science and Future Tech whilst belting us back and forth between a Dark Vision of the Future and an Unchangeable History. Oh, and did I mention that it has Autism in it, a Meteorite, Telekinesis and a Chinese Restaurant that blows up?

Oh, and origami.

Ah, I see. That goes on that shelf over there. Next to spymaster Fleming’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and master of horror King’s Conan Doyle-esque “The Doctor’s Case.”

Genres are undoubtedly essential to what the book is about. Telling a great story – with the myriad tools at his or her disposal – that’s what the author is all about.

And, like craftily sneaking an anagram into the title, you really can’t have too much of a good thing.

Can you?

Sequence is published by Last Passage, out 5th September 2011

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