Quentin Bates has told Crime Time that his next book, Chilled to the Bone, opens with the discovery of an elderly shipowner tied to a bed in one of Reykjavík’s smarter hotels, embarrassingly dead. While sergeant Gunnhildur Gísladóttir does not see evidence of foul play, the case demands investigation and she suspects that things are not as cut-and-dried as they first appear. Investigating the shipowner’s untimely and unfortunate demise, she stumbles across a string of men robbed in similar circumstances and terrified of being blackmailed by the elusive Sonja. How does this connect with the return to his home turf in Iceland of a local gangster after a lengthy stretch in prison overseas and the disappearance of a laptop containing sensitive information about a government department’s dubious activities?

Gunnhildur finds herself in the middle of a dangerous investigation as ruthless men are prepared to go to brutal extremes to keep their secrets hidden.

Chilled to the Bone is due to be published by Constable & Robinson in April, and it will be preceded by an as yet untitled e-novella to be released early next year.

‘I’ve spent most of this summer writing Chilled to the Bone, which is set in the depths of the Reykjavík winter at that uncomfortable time of year just before the first post-Christmas Visa statement shows up. Now that winter is practically upon us, I’m writing a novella set at the height of summer that takes place in Gunna’s home territory in the Icelandic Westfjords.’

‘It’s also very encouraging to see how well the first two Gunnhildur books have been doing in their German and Dutch translations. They haven’t topped any charts, but both have sold steadily, have been well-received and there have been many people asking if there is more translated Gunna to come.’

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