Many collectors will be grateful for this welcome reissue of one of the hardest-to find Peter O’Donnell Modesty Blaise books. The 6 stories in this collection have the indomitable Modesty and her loyal sidekick, Willie Garvin, travelling and fighting their way around the world, from South America to Berlin, Finland to London, using everything that comes to hand, from a circus cannon to human kite-flying, to survive against the odds.

Peter O’Donnell, a writer’s writer who is a favourite of many key practitioners, started as a professional writer in 1937, creating (with illustrator Jim Holdaway) the character of Modesty Blaise for a strip cartoon in 1963 and the series was eventually syndicated in over 42 countries and produced 13 novels (all published by Souvenir Press).

The publication of ‘Pieces of Modesty’ marks the completion of Souvenir Press’s new editions of the Modesty Blaise books with uniform, retro, cover designs. Over the last few years there has been a remarkable revival of interest in the Modesty Blaise series, in India the Modesty Blaise books have been published as a box set while in the UK and USA the original Modesty Blaise strip cartoons are being re-issued as graphic novels.

Souvenir Press 9780285638341March 25th £8.99

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