Ostara Originals have published Falconer and the Rain of Blood by Ian Morson in hardback (£16.99), trade paperback (£10.99) and as an eBook.

700 years before Morse, Oxford’s murders were solved by William Falconer…

It shall rain a shower of blood and a raging famine shall afflict mankind….

Oxford in 1275 becomes a quarantined city living in fear as an ancient prophecy seems to be coming true; but does the prophecy refer to the plague or to the rise of political opposition to King Edward I? Both scenarios are equally dangerous for Oxford and its inhabitants but Regent Master William Falconer’s troubles start with the theft of books from the University which lead to murder. More murders follow and it becomes clear that someone is ruthlessly determined to make the mythical prophecies of Merlin come true.

Published for the first time, Falconer and the Rain of Blood is the launch title for Ostara Originals* and the ninth and final novel in Ian Morson’s best-selling Falconer series set in medieval Oxford.

*Ostara Publishing is best known for its re-issuing of out-of-print British crime novels (with authors including Janet Neel, Edward Marston and Denise Danks) and its Top Notch Thrillers imprint, featuring great British thrillers by Geoffrey Household, Brian Callison, Francis Clifford and many others.


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