John Gubert is the author of topical financial thrillers One Step to Danger,The Financial Terrorist and Insider. He told Crime Time:

‘Overcome with boredom on yet another long haul flight,I decided to write the sort of financial thrillers I wanted to read.

‘My trilogy- One Step to Danger,The Financial Terrorist and Insider- were mainly written in BA Business Class on the 40 round the world trips I did as a global business head at HSBC.

‘My aim was to do for banking what John Grisham did for law.

‘I got squillions of rejections because my first novel,which actually predicted the near meltdown of the world’s financial system,was considered too far fetched.I actually binned the manuscript because of all the negative feedback I got.’My wife,journalist Anne Fry, rescued it and said that J.K.Rowling never gave up so we should publish it ourselves.

‘And then came the financial crash and,one after another,the events in my books started to come true.Talk about beginner’s luck!

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