The Nordin Agency have announced a Danish crime debut which has already sold more than 8.000 copies and featured prominently in the domestic bestseller charts. The critics have called it “an impressive debut”, “an extremely well-composed and efficient thriller” and “a lovely and genuine crime novel with a heroine that you will want to meet again”. Fatal Crossing (Pigerne fra Englandsbåden, Lindhardt & Ringhof, 2015) is a fast-paced and skilfully plotted thriller that takes place in both Denmark and the UK, blending Scandinavian noir with traditional British crime. Set in the modern age of globalisation, this savvy novel introduces a heroine who manages to be both crafty, independent and vulnerable. Meet Nora Sand – the no-nonsense kickboxing UK correspondent for Danish newspaper Globalt. A mysterious suitcase falls into Nora’s hands which leads her on the trail of two Danish girls that disappeared in 1985 and a monstrous serial killer serving a life sentence at the infamous prison Wolf Hall.

Something that adds even more nerve to the story is the fact that it was inspired by true events, where the photographs of two unidentified girls, taken at Copenhagen’s Central Station, mysteriously appeared in the hands of an American serial killer.

While the crime story itself is generally very creepy, there is also a lighter, more feelgood sub-plot that describes Nora’s blossoming infatuation with a school friend who coincidentally reappears in her life.

The author, Lone Theils, is herself a UK correspondent for Danish newspaper Politiken and has lived in London for the past sixteen years. It is evident that she has used her own experiences to create an authentic and sympathetic portrait of Nora Sand.

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